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Technology, Parenting and Memes

Love technology? In the crazy years of parenting? Obsessed with funny memes? If you relate to any of those topics – you’ve come to the right place. HELLO and welcome to Digital Mom Blog.

to meme or not to meme that is the question digital mom blog
funny memes on digital mom blog

If you are here trying to find a way to escape technology or are tired of seeing memes, welp – I guess Digital Mom Blog isn’t for your. That’s okay, we aren’t for everyone and if you haven’t noticed, the internet has kind have become a big thing. If you are our people, welcome! Here is some of what we have for you.


Our people love a good laugh.

Life is stressful, add in work, kids and just the day-to-day of the last few years and funny memes have been our go to for giving us the daily small blip of digital dopamine that we all could use. Go surf thru our massive collection of memes. We have something for everyone! From monkey memes to toddler memes, and everything in-between!


Technology people, I see you – especially if you have kids.

Anytime we find a new tech gadget, find a great app or install a new Amazon device, we are here to let you know about it. Technology things include things that aren’t gadgets! From finding Instagram before it was popular to sharing what you need to know before you get rid of cable tv, we love finding fun things that the internet has to offer.


While I love sharing memes and talking tech, let’s face it. I am a mom to 4 kids.

There is no escaping Mom Life and parenting (nor would I want to, but y’all sometimes those days are long!) Sharing the life hacks and parenting finds has been a regular on Digital Mom Blog seeing that this blog has been here from pregnancy, baby years, toddlers, being a working mom, raising tweens and even to high school graduation.