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5 Ways Video Walls Are Being Used In Homes

Video Walls Used in Homes

The video wall has hit the live events industry over the last few years. My first experience with the awe of the video wall was at a Cold Play concert a few years ago. The video wall brought Cold Play’s music to life.

In addition to the live event arena, video walls now grace office buildings, make appearances in seminars, conferences and presentations and in night clubs. The uses are endless.

The popularity of the video wall continues to grow as new innovative uses are developed.  One digital trend that’s fascinating is using video walls in homes.

Imagine your wall becoming a television! Check out these innovative ways people are using this technology to enhance their digital homes.

 5 Ways Video Walls Are Being Used In Homes

| 5 Ways Video Walls Are Being Used In Homes

Sports fans, how about watching the Super Bowl on this screen?

| 5 Ways Video Walls Are Being Used In Homes

Perfect for the man cave.

video wall in a home

TV for those with ADD. Can’t settle on watching one show? Watch 18 shows all at once!

video wall for home security

And for those of who need round the clock security and a watchful eye over all of our property *insert eye roll* – I give you the video wall for home security.

video wall for art

Personally, this is how I would use the video wall for home. Imagine this as a digital art display. Could you imagine the kind of backdrop for parties that could be?

Video walls for the home are coming. Take it, this may not be for the average consumer but more for the home owner who has money to spend.  The most obvious place I can expect that we will see these devices? Cribs and Million Dollar Rooms.

What is a Video Wall?

A video wall consists of multiple computer monitors, video projectors, or television sets tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen.

How Would You Use a Video Wall In Your Home?

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