5 Things to Know About Going Back to Work Full-Time

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I did something I never thought I would do, I accepted a full-time job offer and am back at work.

Three-and-a-half years ago, I left my job of over 11 years. It was time, our family needed me at home and various freelance opportunities were offered right as I was considering leaving. It was a no-brainer and for the last several years, I have been content working as a consultant.

A few months back, I was offered an opportunity to work with a team of previous co-workers. I didn’t know how I could make the situation worked, but as God would have it – somehow everything that needed to be untangled, worked itself out and in a matter of weeks my days of being at home with the kids to heading back into an office happened. 

Returning to Work Full Time After Being Home With the Kids

I am 2 months into the job, it’s taken me a while to get my feet grounded. I think I am finally there. It’s been a bit wild trying to adjust, so I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned on this journey of starting back to work full-time after being home with kids. 

Returning to Work After Staying At Home With Kids

1. Transition is Hard

I am a lover of change. Without change, there’s no growth so change – I embrace. It’s one thing for me to embrace change – the thing is I have 4?others that I am responsible for. And those 4 – yeah, not so hip to change.

On top of me going back to work – we put the house on the market and made the decision for our kids to go back to school, rather than homeschool. Change is in the air people.

The good news is, kids are resilient and while these are big changes, they aren’t necessarily bad changed

2. Getting Dressed is Fun

My previous at home gig was great, and my uniform – yoga pants. I love me some yoga pants but it feels great to actually put on mascara again. Plus, did I mention my work is right next to the DryBar?

3. Commuting Sucks

My commute, after taking the kids in the morning is around an hour each way. AN HOUR. I die. I will never be friends with traffic. Dallas traffic is terrible. I am trying to make the best of it listening to audiobooks along the way. I’m currently listening to: Love Does by Bob Goff. Awesome stuff. 

What I am thankful for is not having to go to the office every day. My schedules allow me 3 days at home and 2 days in the office. Working from home was a requirement for me to return to a full-time position. 

4. Childcare is Outrageous

Four kids in childcare is a joke. It’s summer, our oldest is 12 and while we could leave her home alone every now and then – we are selling the house and having her here with random people just isn’t something we are down with.

Thankfully we have 3 kids in one daycare and then my daughter goes to church camp. The positive is when you have 3 kids in a daycare (at least our’s) – we get a really great discount. Please note that was totally sarcastic. The cost of daycare is painful. 

5. Schedules and Planning Make Things Easier

I am a total type B. I am spontaneous, not a planner and schedules are my enemy. Well, as much as I loathe planning – it’s a necessity when herding 4 kids. Laundry is done on Sunday nights, as well as packing lunches for the week. It’s all painful but the few times I have tried to wing it, the family felt the hit and chaos set in.

If you are contemplating going back to work full-time, know you can do it! It will take work, sacrifice and total teamwork with your partner.

Are You Contemplating Going Back to Work Full-Time?


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