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5 Things I Learned from Mozella

Day 18 of Lent – 5 Things I Learned from Mozella

When I started this 40 days of Lent Experiment, I wrote down a general list of 40 ideas for blog posts – all surrounding life, faith, culture and lent.

One of the posts that I had down to write was The Life of Mozella. I really been trying to limit my time on Facebook. It can be a real time suck, so didn’t look at my feed until this evening.

The first thing I saw was a Facebook Live my friend Mozella did a year ago. I immediately knew, today was the day that I shared about her life and what she taught me.

Time Hop and Facebook Memories After Someone Dies

In the Facebook Live that Mozella did one year ago today – well it was a tear jerker. I sat here and cried as I heard her sweet voice and saw her face again. See, Mozella passed away last November.

She was had survived pancreatic cancer 5 years ago, but this time – God called her home. Facebook memories after someone dies are the absolute worse and the absolute best. (Read Death and Dying)

Facebook Live from the Doctor’s Office

The Facebook Live was done from her oncologists office and the 4.5 year mark. She was cancer-free then. Mozella spoke in her video on how that she knows she doesn’t do video much (I don’t remember ever seeing a Facebook Live by her before this one.)

That day, one year ago – she said she had a praise moment. She praised God, even while she sat there as the nurse was flushing her port. Mozella went on with these sweet words:

I want to say to all those that are believers and those thinking about believing. God is faithful. For he who promised will do it. Keep on keeping on.


She ended it by saying that I love you and God loves you.  SO Mozella, and that Facebook Live that she did on a whim – it was actually was a gift that we didn’t recognize at the time. 

About Mozella

When I think of someone who lived a full life, and loved God every minute – it’s Mozella. Let me introduce you to this sweet soul and explain 5 things that I learned from her that are great take-aways for life in general. 

Mozella and I worked together at Women of Faith. We started at the same time and left at the same time. Then a few years back, when Women of Faith was retiring their brand – we both joined the team for 2 more years.

During those last 2 years working together, I got to know Mozella well. She led our weekly prayer get together and always had words of wisdom to share. She was a preacher outside of the office and a preacher in the office. 


Over the 15+ years that I knew Mozella, I learned so much from her. Here are 5 things that resonated the most.

5 Things I Learned from Mozella

  1. Love and trust God at all times. 
  2. Prayer is essential. 
  3. Laugh. Mozella had the BEST laugh. 
  4. Grace and Move On
  5. Live a life that will be celebrated like Mozella was at her “going home” party.

Love and Trust God at All Times

Mozella had a good life, but experienced several hardships. She loved and trusted God thru it all. Without doubt, she just continued her walk and kept walking until the good Lord took her home. Her Facebook Live from a year ago reminded me of how much she just always relied on God. There was no question to her faith, she trusted and believed. 

Prayer is Essential

I’ll never forget the way Mozella prayed. If you had a prayer request, you knew she was going to pray. I remember on several occasions, she sensed (correctly) that I was having a crappy day. She would tap on my office window, come in with a smile and prayer. 


If the prayer that Mozella said at the office didn’t instantly improve my day – her laugh would! Mozella had one of those laughs that makes you smile. She laughed and had a true sense of joy that surrounded her. It was peaceful to be in her presence. 

Grace and Move On

The last time we worked together, Mozella was assigned to talk to legal quite a bit. Let’s just say that the legal department was not fun to work with. Mozella would have to be the liaison between our office and corporate legal. No matter how frustrating the situation – she gave grace and just moved on. I recall asking her if she was doing alright.

The work environment was stressful and you could just tell she had a day. Her answer, whenever put in a difficult situation – was responded in some form about her trust in God.

Grace and move on, Mozella was a queen at that!

Going Home Party

When I received the news that Mozella had passed, I was just in shock. I had a feeling she wasn’t doing well from her Facebook photos. I hadn’t seen her in several months as we no longer were working together. Apparently, a large number of her friends didn’t know that the cancer had returned so her passing was a shock to us all. 


My former co-worker and dear friend Sally picked me up for her funeral that day in November. We talked about all of the things we loved about Mo, as we drove to the church. When walking into the church, it was a reunion of such. There were probably 20 of us that use to work together, there to honor Mo.

Best Funeral Ever

It feels weird typing the words, BEST FUNERAL EVER. Though I may need to have several shirts made with that saying on it for when my time comes. Back to the greatness of Mozella’s funeral.

While at Mozella’s service, I felt that I had been to church for the first time. God was present. The gospel choir sung like no other gospel choir I had hear. The praise, the stories  and the presence of everyone in the room, including God was felt. It was such a weird thing feeling like there was so much life in a room that was honoring death.

I will never forget a sweet lady a few rows up pulling a tambourine out of her purse mid-song. A tambourine to honor our dear friend Mozella.

At that moment, I realized that I want to live a life that will have my friends praising and PLAYING A TAMBOURINE (seriously, was so great and unexpected.)

Mozella’s going home party honored her so well, and I hope to honor my friends and family when the time comes as much as Mozella’s people honored her.

Shortly after the funeral I messaged my people and explained their roles in my going home party, including that of bringing a tambourine. I think i’ll leave the BEST FUNERAL EVER shirts as a surprise. 

Goodbye, For Now

While I was so sad to say goodbye – the love in that room just showed how much of an impact her life made on so many people. 

Mozella, I so wish I could hear you singing my name “Molly Molly Molly Molly” – I can still hear it, but wish I had recorded it. I know someday I will hear it again. 

Day 18 of Lent

Lent is flying by. With a busy week ahead, I feel like I am working around the clock to make things happen. Writing about my sweet friend Mozella was just what I needed today.

Who knew writing could be so therapeutic? (Okay, yes, most people know, but when you do it for a living – you don’t often get to do it for therapy!)

Have a wonderful day and go live like Mozella. 

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Be blessed, give grace and be kind.