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5 Hot New Technologies that Will Make Your Life Easier in 2014

Hello 2014 Technology!

Happy New Year! In 2013 we saw many great new technologies that made life easier- and some that made life a bit weirder.

2014 technology

Technology in 2014

In 2014, we expect much of the same, but these five new technologies, set to roll out in the upcoming months, are definitely going to be the talk of the moment and will change the way we do things from here on out.


Coin is an electronic device that can hold all of the cards (even gift cards!) that you already carry around with you. The advantage? They are stored securely in one spot, rather than all over the place where they can be stolen or where it takes you time to locate them.

Instead of carrying lots of cards, you carry one Coin, programmed with your card information on it. What happens if your coin is stolen? All cards are deactivated and secure.

When you load a card onto the Coin device, Coin’s screen will display the card’s brand, last 4 digits of the card number, expiration date and CVC. When you are paying for a purchase – you toggle to the credit card you want to use.

Check out our review of Coin

Fuel Efficient Vehicles

With the push for better fuel economy – we will continue to see fuel efficient vehicles hit the market place. Last year, I tested the Ford C-Max Hybrid and was amazed at how great of gas mileage it received as well as how comfortable the ride was for a lower-end fuel efficient vehicle.

Google Photos Will Expand

If you’re a business owner, get this now! This is simply a way for retailers, small business owners, and even consumers to take photos of business and line them up to create a virtual tour of that business. 

Wearable Tech

Ok, people laughed when the Google Goggles came out that offered people the ability to be connected to social media and such while wearing a pair of glasses- but it isn’t so funny when you look at it from a medical stand point.

What if you’re a patient lying on an operating table with a complicated brain surgery and something goes wrong? Scary thought, huh? Not if your doctor has wearable computer glasses that can easily connect them to the information they need to help you, quickly and accurately, without leaving your side for one second.

Sounds like a great device now, doesn’t its will be delivered to you, safely and quickly, because drones don’t need to eat or sleep or get paid a large salary for working overtime- at least, not yet!

Google Glass and other “Computer Glasses” are only the start of wearable tech.  We are already seeing smart watches rise in popularity – in addition to devices such as the FitBug. (Read our FitBug Review)

Delivery Drones

No, that’s not a joke. In 2014, a handful of locations in the country will be privy to the testing of delivery drones, from Amazon (read more on BGR).

No more smiling UPS, FedEx, Amazon Prime delivery person will hand you your package, but rather you’ll be greeted by a Drone that looks like a creature from Star Wars. It’s creepy to some, and cool to others.

What New Technology in 2014 are You Excited About?