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5 Fabulous Angry Birds Cupcakes to Squawk At

2 of the greatest things on this Earth (well maybe that’s an exaggeration) – Angry Birds and Cupcakes. If your kiddos are obsessed with those squawking birds and naughty pigs as much as mine are – these would make the perfect treat or an addition to an Angry Birds birthday party!

Best Angry Birds Cupcakes Designs

Check out these fabulous 5 Angry Birds Cupcakes to SQUAWK at! 

From simple to very details, each of these designs offers if own flavor on the silly Angry Birds game.

angry birds cupcakes

1. These fabulous cupcakes come from the bakers at Designer Bakes

angry birds cupcakes

2. SQUAK! From @bakerhand

angry birds cupcakes

3. Created by Boutique Cupcakes

angry birds cupcakes

4. Tramie’s Kitchen made these creative Angry Birds cupcakes.

I love how these turned out and how the birds are shaped differently. These aren’t your typical round cupcakes!

angry birds cupcakes 05

5. The Crafting Chicks show you how to make these fun Angry Birds (and naughty pigs) cupcakes with this fabulous tutorial. DIY!

Of all the cupcake designs, I think this may be a design I could actually pull off. Love the use of the eggs, how Angry Bird appropriate!

There you have it! 5 different Angry Birds cupcake designs that are perfect for an Angry Birds Party! Speaking of party, make sure you download our Angry Birds invites (they are free!) and check out All Things Angry Birds!

Isreal Attanasio

Thursday 2nd of February 2012

Great Andy. At last some common sense.Phil

1300 Numbers

Wednesday 1st of February 2012

Terrific work, please keep writing it was a joy to work through. I'm going to repost this now.

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