5 Angry Birds Tattoos – These Fans Are What We Call DEDICATED

So Angry Birds, yes – I love you. But no way would I get a tattoo of an Angry Bird.

BUT, apparently there are people who are into that tattoo your favorite game on yourself thing. I am talking PERMANENT people.

Here are 5 Angry Birds Tattoos:


angry birds tattoo

 2. The TriForce

angry birds tattoo

3. Angry Birds Tattoo of Bird Face

angry birds tattoo

4. Angry Bomber Bird Tattoo

angry birds tattoo

5. Watch Out – KABOOM!

angry birds tattoo

So maybe you like Angry Birds, but not enough to get a bird tattoo’d forever – try out these Temporary Angry Birds Tattoos.

angry birds temp tattoos
Temporary Angry Birds Tattoos

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