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40 Day Challenge – What Lent Did For Me

Lent Day 40 – It’s a WRAP – 40 Day Challenge – What Lent Did For Me

Exhale. You guys, the 40 day challenge. Maybe I shouldn’t refer to the 40 days of Lent as the 40 day challenge, but for me – that’s exactly what it was. This year, I took a different approach to the lenten season.

While I typically use Digital Mom Blog as my therapy vehicle for laughs and sharing on technology and parenting – I took a left turn and opened up the doors on some personal conversations. 

40 days from day challenge

40 Day Challenge

During this 40 day Challenge of Lent – I committed to a handful of things. 

1. No more Coke Zero or Diet Coke 

2. Intentional Prayer

3. Writing each day about lent, life, faith or culture. 

And for the most part, it was a success.

Diet Coke Addiction

My addiction to Coke Zero and Diet Coke are done. I have NO desire to drink either. I have had a total of 4 sodas in the last 40 days, mostly when I was dragging and needed caffeine but none were diet.

As silly as this whole giving up Diet Coke thing sounds, it was a challenge, I had done it before so know it could be done. I am just so GLAD to no longer have a Diet Coke addiction!

Intentional Prayer

I feel I can ALWAYS pray better, but I do feel that during these 40 days, I have really paused and prayed and not just the typical before a meal or with the kids at night. Intentional prayer will remain on my to do list. I have found myself praying for all types of situations that I normally wouldn’t think to turn to prayer in.

From insomnia to even praying for pot stirrers on the Next Door app – yes, prayed for those neighbors who just want to cause an issue – prayer has helped my heart and hopefully has helped others as well. 

Writing Each Day 

The last 2 days of Lent had me in a tail spin with family and celebrations and I didn’t quite make it to writing every single day, but the 40 day challenge of writing is completed with this post. 

Lent Complete

As I close out this Lent Experiment, my heart is just happy. I feel like this 40 day challenge of being intentional has changed me. While I am not 40 pounds lighter, or changing my religion – I feel a deeper connection with God, my purpose and feel an overwhelming amount of drive to be a difference maker. 

40 Days from Today

Fast forward to 40 days from today – how can you change your life? While sure, Lent 2019 is done – there is no law that you can’t create your own 40 day challenge. Think about what you can do, make small changes because we know without change nothing changes. Just think where you can be 40 days from today. 

Nothing changes if nothing changes. This quote about change nails it. You must change in order for your life to change. 40 days, people – that’s it!

nothing changes if nothing changes - 40 day challenge

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I have some idea on more 40 day challenges to help me find ways to change things that need to be changed in my life. I’ll be sharing those here soon. Until then, I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Easter.

Thank you for this blog detour as I know this isn’t what the typical Digital Mom Blog readers are looking for but it was something that I felt heavy on my heart to do, and am so glad that I did. Be blessed, go do the work of God and think about where you can be 40 days from today by making a few changes in your life.

It is done. During Lent – I spent 40 days writing on lent life, faith and culture.
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