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How Not To Start 2018 Off

You guys here is the deal… 2017 sucked. Like seriously sucked. I am so NOT one of those down in the dumps, life sucks, HELP ME – type people. In fact, I typically would see myself as the opposite, but for reals, last year SUCKED. 

2017 Sucked

  • Concussion
  • Autism diagnosis
  • SUMMER OF HELL (first time with 4 kids at home)
  • Kid somehow got 2 splinters under the big toenail
  • Corporate America job went under (blessing, but a massive change)
  • Ovarian cyst from HELL (11cm ovarian cyst that had to be surgically removed – not sure how else you remove it :))
  • Husband terribly sick which we find out he needs to get his COLON REMOVED (no big)
  • ADHD diagnosis
  • Pulled tendon
  • 9 visits to the urgent care in DECEMBER
  • Right before the husband is to go in for his colostomy (colon removal surgery) – he comes down with DOUBLE pneumonia
2017 sucked

These were just hell points that were personal. It feels like the nation is going to hell, but I am so not going into that here.

Let’s just say 2017 SUCKED. But I’m not one to dwell. I am a pickup, let’s just put our heads down and go straight thru the fire because surely there is something GLORIOUS on the other side of this mess, right? 

And here folks is where I tell you about how NOT to start 2018 off. My husband was hospitalized for double pneumonia right after Christmas. January 1, he was released from the hospital. He was put on short-term leave from work and was home recovering. Then January 3rd happened. 

Great House Flood of 2018

Our house flooded. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t a pipe burst, it was a lovely toilet overflow that was not pretty.

We live in an older house and the valve broke, my husband couldn’t get the water off – ended up finally turning off the water at the main switch.

Our home that we love so much, is destroyed. It’s inhabitable for the time being. Everything is being dried out. Insurance has put us in a hotel for the time being. The dust is overwhelming, as well as the smell. 

Forced Minimalism and Living in a Hotel with Kids

We are on night 5 of hotel living. It’s been quite interesting. Living in a hotel with kids is not something I ever expected to do. We have 4 kids, ranging in age from 6 to 14-years old.

Yeah, about that. The space in the hotel rooms are limited, this is forced minimalism. My husband and I both work out of the home, me more so than him – but that’s been an adjustment.

The kids’ schools are around 15 minutes away, which means we have to wake up earlier. Have I mentioned how much I suck at doing laundry

living in a hotel with kids

Listen, my kids – like most kids, LOVE HOTELS. We have made the living the “suite life” joke everyday since “moving in.” 

It Could Have Been Worse

Stepping back, we are so thankful that it wasn’t worse. This could have been a fire and we would have nothing. The damage could be more significant. The list of could haves is endless.

For now, I am exhaling and trying my hardest to NOT let this crazy house incident define our 2018.

Lessons Learned From Living in a Hotel with Kids and From 2017

What can we learn from this?  Actually quite a bit. Forced minimalism and being in close quarters with the kids actually has been amazing. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I REALLY miss our home.

My beloved bed, having access to a washer and dryer, my DOGS (they have to be boarded) – it’s all a lot of sad but I know there are things that I need to share from this experience and over the next few weeks I’ll be doing just that. 

And all that crap that happened in 2017? Everything happens for a reason. I know the funny way the internet works because it’s happened time and time again.

By sharing this, someone who is doing a late night Google search will read this and hopefully hear what they need to. 

share your story

Stay tuned. The least I can do is hopefully help another mother out if ever put in this situation!