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Weekend Escape in the 2014 Ford Escape

Our friends at Ford dropped off a brand spanking new 2014 Ford Escape for the weekend a few weeks back and told us to go enjoy the last of summer out on the town. And that WE DID!

2014 Ford Escape

There are somethings in life that are just awesome… like a clean car, a full tank of gas and DALLAS. rWe had a weekend of fun cruising around in the Escape.

It’s the perfect size vehicle, not as small as a sedan but not as big as a standard SUV. It gets great gas mileage and you can talk to it. No seriously. You can push a button and say “Turn temperature to 80 degrees” and the car will go to 80 degrees. It was a great vehicle that gave us a fabulous weekend out on the town.

Then went and enjoyed a reflexology session. 16 years is an accomplishment and it was fun to just celebrate us without the chaos of the our kids.

Since summer was coming to an end and the kids had to officially start school that following week,  my sister (Dallas Socials) and I took them out on the town for some fun.

Steel City Pops

We hit up our new favorite spot Steel City Popsicles.If you are in Dallas, and haven’t tried Steel City Popsicles, you are missing out! OMG!

These things are magically delicious and perfect for a hot summer day (or cold day with the heater on, yes they are that good.)  We went to the Greenville location, but there also is a location at the Dallas Farmer’s Market.

To end the weekend, I left everyone at home and ran errands. The Ford Escape was a great companion. It has an AWESOME rear camera making parking a breeze (I so can’t park and this camera just glidded me right into parking spots!).

There is plenty of room, even for all of the groceries I have to buy.  (Did I mention the foot activated – HANDS-FREE lift gate? That’s right, when you have your key near-by, just kick your foot under the bumper and the power lift gate will open making it easy to load and unload bags!

Oh and keyless entry. We have a Ford Expedition and the keyless entry has saved us on many occasions!

Thanks Ford for a fabulous weekend with the 2014 Ford Escape.  

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