We’re talking kids and technology during the month of October. Today we’re discussing tablets for kids. Enjoy!

Christmas is right around the corner, and I know of many kids Christmas gift lists are tablets. Tablets for kids? While a few years ago it may have seen insane to spend $500 on a tablet for a child, the good news is that prices have dropped significantly and for around $150 – you can buy a good solid tablet that is built just for your child.

Best Tablets for Kids

We’ve rounded up 15  of the best tablets for kids. Here are a few notes from our personal experience with our kids. We are fortunate to be able to review several of these products and wanted to make sure to give you some insight from a parent and thoughts watching our kids play with these.

Kindle Fire HD

I am sure excited to see Amazon release a version of the Kindle Fire HD for KIDS. They are so smart in offering a warranty and bundled case. Our 11 year old LOVES to read. We had a Kindle Fire that has finally died on us. She used it to read her eBooks and this maybe something we look into for her for Christmas. With Amazon Freetime, we can set limits on her activities and again, the warranty – you just can’t beat! Read more about the Kindle Fire HD for Kids.

HP Stream

This tablet offers you the Windows operating system that your kids are familiar with and at a great price – only $99. Built by HP, offering a 7 inch screen and 32GB flash memory – you may want one for yourself. BONUS: includes Office 365 Personal for One Year!)

Apple iPad

The Apple iPads are the most expensive products in our list of best tablets for kids – I wanted to include for a few reasons. With the right iPad case for kids – this product can last for years.  We have handed down our old Apple iPads down to our toddlers and they use them all the time. They are durable, have lasted us YEARS and with the Apple app store, it’s like a never ending buffet of apps for them to play.

From Apple iPad minis, iPad Air or the standard iPad – each is a great product. I would recommend getting a third generation or later if you go with the standard iPad.

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LeapFrog LeapPad 3

While the LeapFrog is not as powerful as say the iPad, it definitely should be considered for younger children. Our youngest, who was 2 when he received his – continually plays with his LeapPad 3. It charges with a USB, offers a plethora of apps and it’s very durable. If a product lasts more than a few months with our 4 kids (3 boys!) – it deserves recognition. Read our LeapPad 3 Review.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

While my kids haven’t yet tested out the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – I wanted to include because of the experience we’ve had with Samsung Galaxy S5. (There is now a Samsung Galaxy 4!) My husband has a Galaxy S5 and the kid mode is awesome. Seeing it’s the same operating system, with the Galaxy Tab 3 kid edition, you will be able to limit your children’s usage, select the apps that you want them to have access to and more.

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Best Kids Tablets

Onto the tablets! Here’s our round up of 15 kid tablets to consider:

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