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10 Tips for Parenting an Extroverted Child

zExtroverted child – oh I have 2 of these! A few weeks back we talked about caring for an introverted child, now let’s talk about the polar opposite – the EXTROVERT!

I started putting play these tips and it’s so cool to see my extroverts thrive with this advice. I hope it works as well in your family as it has for ours.

Our 2 extroverted children define what an extrovert child is. They thrive when in a group setting, they talk to anyone and everyone (they’ve never met a stranger!) and most definitely love attention.

Extroverted Child

The definition of an extrovert according to Google:
Extrovert:  An outgoing, overtly expressive person

Traits of an Extrovert

  • Enjoy social situations
  • Seek out socializing
  • Ability to make small talk makes them appear more social adept than introverts
  • Ethusiastic
  • Talkative
  • Assertive

Extroverts Summarized

  • Extroverts tend to be energized when around other people and are more prone to boredom when they are by themselves.
  • Extroverts enjoy human interactions.

10 Tips to Caring for an Extroverted Child

how to care for extroverts

1. Respect their independence

2. Compliment them in the company of others

3. Accept and encourage their enthusiasm

4. All them to explore and talk things out

5. Thoughtfully surprise them

6. Understand when they are busy

7. Let them dive right in

8. Offer them options

9. Make physical and verbal gestures of affection

10. Let them shine

These tips not only work well with kids, but also work well with adults. 

If you are the mom to an introvert, make sure to read our post on caring for an introvert.

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Are you a mom to an extroverted child?

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