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10 Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe on Social Media Sites – Internet Safety Month

  • Teaching your kids to be safe on social sites is incredibly important. Our kids are online all the time and what they view and absorb is our responsibility. With the growing popularity of social sites, let’s look at ways to keep your kids safe when being social online.

This month is Internet Safety month. All month we will be posting on various ways to keeping the internet a safe resource for yourself and your kids.

10 tips to keeping your kids safe on social sites

Keeping Kids Safe on Social

One critical point before you children are allowed to surf the web is to make sure they have a full understanding of how to be safe online, particularly on social sites.  Social sites for children continue to gain popularity. Watching what you children do on these sites should be your priority. 

10 Tips to Teaching Your Kids to Be Safe on Social Sites

Social Site Safety Tips for Kids
  1. Be careful what personal details your child is giving out online.
  2. Use privacy settings – check the privacy settings for each social network they are a part of. 
  3. Teach your child to think before they post.
  4. Avoid in-person meetings.
  5. Be honest about their age – we have all seen To Catch a Predator, the internet be crazy, y’all.
  6. Remember social networking sites are public spaces – what you post is for all to see.
  7. Avoid posting anything that could embarrass them later or expose them to danger.
  8. This is hard but important – teach your children that people they meet online aren’’t always who they say they are.
  9. Check your child’s history, keep tabs on what they are doing online, who they are talking to, what they are positing and which sites they are visiting.
  10. Avoid inappropriate content and behavior. Teach your child what to do if they encounter something inappropriate and make sure to report it to the social networking site.

What Internet Safety Tips Would You Add to This List?

Check out these resources from Internet Safety 101.

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