10 Things To Do With Those Unwanted Christmas Gifts

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What do you do with UNWANTED Christmas gifts? Did Grandma get you a sweater with a light-up reindeer?  How about Aunt Tawni purchasing your daughter that revealing outfit?  Or that foot massager that looks suspicious?

bad christmas gift

If you are too nice to ask for a receipt, or if you just want to get those gifts out of your house, this post is for you.  Remember, everyone’s trash (or unwanted Christmas gift) is someone else’s treasure.

Here Are 10 Things To Do With Those Unwanted Christmas Gifts:

1. Give to Charity- Christmas

In the spirit of helping others, giving away a new product that doesn’t suit your fancy could just very well make someone’s day.

A few favorites to donate to:

  • Souls 4 Soles – donate new or gently worn shoes. Find a shoe drop off location near you.
  • Good Will – nearly anything!
  • Local Children Hospital – donate toys (or time!)
  • Check with your local churches – may know of local ministries in need of various items

2. Amazon

- Christmas

Amazon is the new eBay, except you name the price, no auction involved.  Amazon offers a multitude of options – and you aren’t just limited to books (but if you are selling books, this is probebly your best option to sell these). Get all the details here on selling your stuff on Amazon.


3. eBay

- Christmas
Good ol’ eBay FTW! Put those lovely presents up for auction. Let the bidding BEGIN!


4. Half Price Books

- Christmas

Did you receive new or gently used books for Christmas? What about records, CDs, children’s game software, or something of the such? Possibly your best option for a quick few dollars is going to your local Half Price Books. We do a yearly sell of goodies to Half Price Books and usually end up with about $75. I should say, most of our books are computer related which would probably rake in a higher amount.  None the less, it’s quick easy cash for things that you don’t need. Learn more about selling your books and more at Half Price Books.

5. Craigslist

- Christmas

When all else fails, Craigslist it.  Over the years, we have bought a multitude of randomness from Craigslist. All were priced fair and cheap and have yet to feel like we were taken advantage of on the purchasing side.

That being said, we have sold a few items on Craigslist as well.  The last item we had for sell, a person emailed, agreed to purchase for the price- then comes with $50 less and still wants the product.  Just beware, people use Craigslist as the garage sale of the internet.

Another thing to mention is the uprising of stolen goods being sold on Craigslist. While Craig may not solicit prostitutes anymore, there are plenty of stolen goods being sold via the website.


6. FreeCycle

- Christmas

If the gift you received is THAT bad – give to someone locally who will use it. Freecycle is a mailing list that is available in several areas.  Post your item that’s available for free. Find someone who wants it. Leave it on your porch. Poof! No more crappy Christmas gift!


7. Gazelle

- Christmas

Gazelle positions itself as a reCommerce site. Check to see if Gazelle is purchasing your product. Ship the product to them. You will be offered a price for your item. You can choose payment via cash, gift card or you can give to charity. Learn more about selling products to Gazelle.


8. Plastic Jungle

- Christmas

Did you get a gift card that just doesn’t jive with your style? Grandma forgets that you and Hot Topic are totally over when you turned 35. Recycle that gift card by selling or trading over at Plastic Jungle.


9.  Local Consignment Stores

- Christmas

The downfall of the economy has seemed to spur a new assortment of local consignment stores servicing various niches.  Take that unwanted gift and see if they’ll sell it for you for a small cut.

10. PAWN IT!

- Christmas

Do you watch Pawn Stars?  Has that not spurred your interest in pawning your unwanted goods in hopes of getting some real cash? While it’s reality tv – pawning your stuff has been around for ages. Quick cash for the right item. Pawn shops don’t buys anything and everything – but may just buy your unwanted gift. Pawning would be perfect if your child received something such as a bb gun from Uncle Billy – when you specifically told him NO.


There you have it. 10 ways to get rid of that unwanted Christmas gift (plus 1).  Now explaining to your loved one where that gift is, that’s a different post that I don’t plan on writing.

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