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10 Things I Have Learned From Having a Large Family

So when we set out on this baby making journey, we always knew we wanted to have a large family, now here we are a family of 6!

This post was originally written in 2012. At that time our 4 kids were ages 8, 6, 21 months and 5 months.

Tips for Large Families

Fast forward, our kids have grown but these tips for large families is still true.

It’s a FULL house. But you know how you have dreams sometimes and those dreams well they have these little hiccups that you just don’t see when you are dreaming but realize when you are actually living the dream? Well we’ve experienced some of those. Let me share.

large family tips

10 Things I Have Learned From Having a Large Family

1. Large Families Require Large Cars

Stating the obvious here right? With 3 kids, we had a large SUV and my husbands 2 door car. We knew his wouldn’t fly, so we purchased a  mid-size SUV. Our thinking being, we had paid off cars, let’s let the large SUV retire slowly and use our mid-size SUV for our travels and day-to-day activities.

Well, the problem? We purchased the mid-size SUV before we had the baby. And while our kids all fit in the mid-size SUV, traveling is well let’s just say it’s an adventure. A cramped adventure, but in a nice vehicle.

2. 4 Kids Make Lots of Noise

Noise in constant in our house. Even after the children are in bed, I can still hear the Rockabye Baby Beatles tunes in our toddler’s room playing in addition to our dogs constantly making ruckus. Noise. You must love noise in order to have a large family, just saying.

3. Laundry Will Eat You ALIVE

I’ve never been one to be “on top of it” in regards to laundry. Now that awful trait of procrastination kicks me in the arse on a weekly basis with loads of laundry. And by loads – 15 for a week is NOT uncommon. Confession: that’s if I do it in a week. Check out our funny laundry memes

4. Kids Eat A LOT

When we had 2 kids, we could predict what our grocery bill would be. Now with 4, it’s just a joke. We make at least 2 trips to the store a week, no matter how hard we plan something happens. Thank you Jesus for the Instant Pot!

5. Going Out Creates Stares

What is it with large families and stares? I say that because I do the same thing, but now we are the ones gawked at. I can see people mentally counting our children 1-2-3- oh they have 4!

6. Keep Everything, Well Almost

If a large family is in your plans, make sure you keep baby clothes and baby items – as well as kids clothes. It’s AMAZING how little we’ve had to buy Zeke. Now when I purchase something for him, it’s out of guilt. “Poor thing hasn’t worn anything new in ages, let’s buy him this Harajuku outfit.”

7. Put Money In Your Health Flex Spending Account

While this is probably the wrong time of year to tell you this, consider this next time your health flex spending account is up for change. We made sure to put the family deductible, plus a guesstimate on co-pays and prescriptions back each year. While last year, we had an unexpected surprise – typically doing this helps tremendously in the finance department.

8. Your Marriage Becomes Even More Important

Somedays feels like a tag team wrestling match. My husband and I, in a ring with our 4 kids. Tagging back and forth to stay afloat. Our marriage is more solid than ever. I totally blame our devotion to God and these kids. Neither of us could do this alone. We don’t get a lot of help from our families . We have to depend on each other to raise these children up right.

9. Lots of Kids Makes You Creative

Sounds crazy right? I swear my creativity has soared since being here with all 4 kids. I think any mom who can balance their children at various ages will understand this.

10. Having a Large Family Means You’ll Never Be Alone

After seeing how well our first 2 children connected, we knew we wanted pairs. It’s amazing the connectedness each child has for one another. I know many years down the road, even when my husband and myself are long gone – our kids will have each other.

Despite it all, it’s worth it. A cliche’ ending, yes. I love these kids. I love having a large family. My husband and I often joke, now what exactly WOULD we do if we had stopped at 2?

Life is an adventure and by having a large family, you are sure to live life like that.

Do You Have a Large Family? What Lessons Have You Learned?