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10 Cute Macbook Pro Cases

Dress your computer up with these cute Macbook Pro cases!

Who doesn’t love a cute Macbook Pro case? I mean if you can protect your laptop AND it look cute, double win – right? 

Protect Your Macbook Pro

People, we spent all of this money on our Apple products – you have to invest just a little more to keep it safe. Today we are talking tech and design. I love my mac but people it’s worth the investment to buy a Macbook Pro case.

Cute Macbook Pro Cases and Cover
Cute Macbook Pro Cases to Protect Your Apple Macbook Pro

Between work and personal, I have 2 Macbook Pros and I have had to buy cases for them both twice. Why? Because I have dropped, had one stepped on and another time it fell off a desk. But guess what? The CASES did their job! While I have had to replace the case, I haven’t had to replace a screen or laptop because the cases did their job!

Also KIDS…. 

With 4 kids, I know that something can happen at anytime – so I always buy the case.

(See our post: Best Kids iPad Cases)


In addition to be functional – I love the way the cases look. They totally give your notebook some personality, and if you are with your computer as much as I am with mine – it puts a little happy in my day.  So find cute laptop cases for your Apple laptop.

Cute Laptop Cases for Your Macbook Pro

I’ve rounded up our favorite cute laptop cases to protect your Macbook Pro. These unique Macbook pro cases will protect and give your Macbook style. Show your personality with these fun covers! Find your favorite, one that matches YOU! 

Since Macbook Pros come in multiple screen sizes, I have broken this list down into 15 inch Macbook Pro Cases and 13 inch Macbook pro cases.

Before You Buy That Macbook a Cute Laptop Case

Something to note. I am so guilty of this, so want to save you the headache so you don’t have to deal with returning a case that isn’t made for your MBP. Make sure that the cute laptop case that you are eyeing fits.

Read the description of each case and look for the model number.

Where Do I Find the Macbook Model Number?

Here is where you find the Macbook model number. On the back of the Macbook – there will be a number that looks like “A1xxx”. Make sure that the Apple Macbook Pro model number matches to the case that you are buying! Simple tip but will save you in the long run.

New Macbook Pro Case 15 Inch Options

These new Macbook Pro Case 15 Inch options typically have a Macbook pro 15.4 case.

If you have a 15.4 inch Macbook Pro, here are cute laptop cases that will fit your laptop. Make sure to check the model number before purchasing.

Peony Plastic Hard Shell Macbook Pro Case 15 Inch

Love peonies? Me too. This unique Macbook pro case features the delightful peony.

macbook pro 15.4 case
New Macbook Pro Case 15 Inch Option

This Peony blossom case includes a matching color keyboard color AND a screen protector offering your Macbook Pro protection from any drops, dings or spills that may happen. This definitely falls into the cute laptop case category.

  • This peony hard shell case cover for an Apple MBP was designed ONLY to be compatible with MacBook Pro 15 Inch with Touch Bar and Touch ID 2019 & 2018 & 2017 & 2016 Release (A1990 / A1707, Release 2019 — MV902LL/A, MV922LL/A, MV912LL/A, MV932LL/A and 2018 — MR932LL/A, MR942LL/A — and 2017 — MPTR2LL/A, MPTU2LL/A, MPTT2LL/A, MPTV2LL/A — Release 2016 — MLH32LL/A , MLW72LL/A, MLH42LL/A , MLW82LL/A).

Available on Amazon

Peony Flower Rubberized Case

Peony – my favorite flower! I love the vintage color scheme on this rubberized laptop case. 

15 inch macbook pro case with peony flowers

Compatible with: Apple MacBook Pro 15.4″ 15-Inch with Retina Display Model: A1398

Vintage Mint Flower Apple Laptop Cover 

Mint green, anyone? This flower mint laptop case will make your laptop stand out at meetings!

Macbook pro case 15 inch retina

Fits 15-inch MacBook Pro with RETINA Display (NEWEST VERSION) Model: A1398 — Release 2015 / 2014 / 2013 / 2012

  • No cut out design, Apple Logo Shine through the case * Design lets you open/close your MacBook Pro all the way and Access to all ports
  • Vintage Flowers Design Series Hard Plastic Case with Rubber paint over Top and Bottom Covers for Silky-smooth soft-touch * Smooth rubberized exterior texture
  • Fully vented for safe heat disbursement * Totally removable — easy to put on and take off * Protects your MacBook Pro from scrapes and scratches
  • Compatible with Model A1398: Newest Release 2015, 2014, 2013 & 2012 — MJLQ2LL/A, MJLT2LL/A, MGXA2LL/A, MGXC2LL/A, ME293LL/A, ME294LL/A, MC975LL/A, MC976LL/A, ME664LL/A, ME665LL/A

Buy From Amazon

Solid Color Rubber Macbook Case

Rubber Macbook Cover

Choose from 9 different colors!

  • Fully tested and compatible with the MacBook PRO 15.4″ with Retina Display (35.9 x 24.7 x 1.8 cm)
  • Made of a combination of durable silicone compound infused with impact-resistant thermoplastic polymer to offer unparalleled protection
  • Thanks to the micromolecule polymer technology the case offers “second skin” look and allows your MacBook to release unwanted heat
  • The unique design in a matte rubberised finish offers supreme practicality while enhancing and protecting your MacBook
  • Adds a touch of colour to make your MacBook look stylish, eye-catching and fun

Buy From Amazon

Aduro Macbook SoftTouch Cover with Matching Silicone Keyboard Cover

geometric macbook soft case
macbook pro 15.4 case with silicone keyboard cover
  • No cut out design, Apple Logo Shine through the case * Design lets you open/close your Apple MacBook Pro all the way
  • Hard Plastic Case with Rubber paint over Top and Bottom Covers for Silky-smooth soft-touch * Smooth yet grippy rubberized exterior texture * Silky-smooth soft-touch hard shell protection
  • Fully vented for safe heat disbursement * Totally removable — easy to put on and take off
  • Built-in rubber feet keep your notebook stable and secure * Access to all ports, battery check button, CD/DVD drive

Available on Amazon

13 Inch Macbook Pro Cases

Here are cute Macbook Pro Cases for the 13.3″ –

Ombre Macbook Case

Ombre Macbook Pro Cover 13 inch

How is this for fun and stylish? Love the colors. Plus OMBRE is super hot right now!

  • rendy gradient ombre triangular galore graphic on the rubberized case
  • Strong polycarbonate material; perfect fit for Macbook Pro 13″ 13-inch with Retina Display Model: A1425 and A1502
  • Ultra slim design that is light in weight, durable and full access for all ports
  • Protect your laptop from scratches, dints, scrapes, spills and dirt
  • Designed for easy snap on

Fintie Hard Shell Leather MacBook Pro 13 Retina Black and White Case

Totally loving the trendy black white pattern on this hard shell cover for the 13.3 retina display MBP case.

damsack Fintie Hard Shell Leather MacBook Pro 13 Retina Case black and white

I love the elegant design of this one! Personally, I am a fan of showing the Apple logo – some cases don’t offer this option.

  • Specifically designed for Apple MacBook Pro 13.3″ with Retina Display A1502 / A1425.
  • Premium synthetic leather exterior with hard polycarbonate shell interior – prevent from fingerprints, slipping, and scratches.
  • Circle cut out design, Apple logo shine through the case. Design lets you open/close your MacBook all the way and access to all ports.
  • Fully vented for safe heat disbursement. Totally removable — easy to put on and take off.
  • Available in a variety of bright, fun colors to suit your favors.

2 Golden Macbook Pro Case Options

Get your GOLD on with one of these 5 GOLDEN Macbook Pro Case options. That’s right friends, these cute laptop case are GOLD!

golden macbook pro case
Gold Macbook Pro Case Options

#1 Glitter Gold Macbook Pro Case

Looking fold something sparkly and golden? This glitter gold macbook pro case maybe what you are looking for. This glitter gold case comes with 1 Gold top case,1 Gold bottom case, 2 Matching color keyboard cover

Compatible with the following Macbook Pro Laptops: MacBook Pro 13 2021-2016 Release with M1 Processor, M1 Chip, with/without Touch Bar, Touch ID and Retina Display Model A2338 A2251 A2289 A2159 A1989 A1706 A1708. If you are loving the glitter macbook pro case look but not digging the gold, this comes in numerous other glitter colors at the link below.

Check Price on Amazon

#2 Gold Macbook Pro Case – 13.3 Inch Hard Shell Plastic

This golden Macbook Pro case features a plastic hard shell case. It allows you full access to all ports on the MBP. The case snaps on allowing you to easily put on or take off Macbook case.

Specifically designed for MacBook Pro 13.3 in. 2012 / 2011 / 2010 / 2009 release model A1278.Compatible with: MacBook Pro 13.3″ – MD101LL/A, MD102LL/A, MD314LL/A, MD313LL/A, MC724LL/A, MC700LL/A, MC375LL/A, MC374LL/A, MB991LL/A, MB990LL/A

Gold laptop case also includes a gold silicon keyboard cover.

Check Price on Amazon

Floral Macbook Pro Case

Talk about protecting your laptop with personality! This floral Macbook Pro case screams HAPPY! 

floral macbook pro case
Cute laptop cover alert! Floral macbook pro case protects and dresses up your Apple MBP

If you are needing a little happy in the form of a cute laptop cover, here is your answer.

  • High quality hard coating
  • Protects your Macbook from accidental hard knocks and scratches.
  • Fully access to all buttons and features
  • Plug your charger, cable or headset without removing the case
  • Simple clip-on/off design without the added risk of harming your laptop during application

There you have it – our favorite cute Macbook Pro cases. Both adorable and functional – double win, right? 

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