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Woot and Amazon – Amazon buys Woot

Woot and Amazon – 2 of my favorite sites, now they are 1. Well kind of. Amazon bought Woot. Yes, the online retail giant scooped up Woot, the deal a day website.

When you say WOOT WOOT – I think 1 deal 1 day – WOOT. My 2nd most favorite shopping site.

Today, big news dropped that my #1 and #2 favorite shopping sites got married. Well really my #1 favorite shopping site gobbled up #2.

ANYWHOO — Woot was purchased by Amazon. Smart, very smart Amazon. That Jeff Bezos apparently knows what he is doing.

Favorite phrase seen mentioned in regards to this deal?


What is WOOT?

Woot is a website hosts a one day one deal for one product. At midnight, a new product emerges and us Wootities run to the site to see what it is to purchase. Woot saw the success of the one day one deal model and expanded its brand to now include 1 day 1 deal woot deals for wine, children, shirts and sell out.

Woot has a silly product called Bag O’ Crap. What is a Bag O’ Crap? Basically you pay $5 and Woot sends you just that, a Bag O’ Crap. But get this. The Bags O’ Crap sell out in minutes. My co-worker has purchased a few, basically the products consists of randomness of either broken items, something silly that works – really a bunch of leftovers – sold to you thru the brilliance of Woot marketing.

Woot is a game changer. Many others have taken the Woot idea, now there are several one day one sale sites running for various niches. But Woot still does it best.

Woot is also known for their Woot-offs. A Woot-off is consists of Woot continually putting new products online as one sells out. Think of it as a 24-72 hour marathon QVC blog post style shopping. Random? YES. Does it work, DOUBLE YES. Woot-off’s are tons of fun – hardcore bargain shopping for hours on end.


Tuesday 31st of January 2012

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