You Are Pregnant – Now What?


It could be a YAY! Or well, it could be an OH CRAP. You are pregnant, now what?

im pregnant now what

Huggies has put together this pregnancy infographic with useful information for moms who have just found out they are expecting.

I’ve been pregnant 4 times, and eek I wish I had known some of this stuff as it would most definitely of put my mind at ease.

70% of American moms say that at least one person has touched their baby bump without asking. (happened to me ALL THE TIME)

67% of new moms are very likely to announce their baby’s name for the first time on Facebook.

55% of moms are very likely to ask questions about their pregnancy on Facebook.

52% trust information about pregnancy from the internet as much as they trust information from a doctor.

87% of moms went to the hospital at least once before going into labor.  One of the top reasons why these women went to the hospital early is because they didn’t have the proper information. (ME!)

78% of new and expectant moms spend at least two hours a day researching baby-related topics online.

71% of new and expectant moms wish they had one “go-to source” for all baby information.

So Huggies heard you and has setup a Mommy Answer Forum to help answer any questions you may have about parenting. Give it a whirl!