Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance – The Ongoing Battle

Tonight I stumbled upon a video featuring Nigel Marsh talking about work life balance being an ongoing battle. This Tedx video rings home some great thoughts on setting boundaries and expectations as you make the choices needed to maintain a better work life balance.


Here are some take aways from the video:

1. Certain jobs and career choices are NOT compatible with being present and meaningful with a young family.

Flex time and dress down Friday all mask core issues.

2. Face the truth – Governments and corporations will not solve your work life issues.

We have to take resposibilities for the life that we lead. It’s particularly important that you put your life is the hands of a corporations.

Commercial companies are inherently designed to get as much out of you as possible.

We have to be responsible for setting the boundaries we want in our life.

3. We have to be careful in the timeframe in which we choose in which we judge our balance.

Wrote out ideal balance day we inspire to.

Be realistic. You can’t do it all in 1 day. Elongate the balance of our life. Don’t fall into the trap of we will have a life when we retire.

A day is too short. After I retire is too long

4. Approach balance in a balanced way.

To be balanced, you have to attend to all areas. Fit. Church. The small things matter.

Smallest investment in certain places will help

So here is my question for YOU:

What does a life well lived look like for you and your family?