Watch Your Child Around Claw Machines!


kids stuck in claw machine

Sure, kids love all types of vending machines – especially those with lights and sounds and that can result in toys… right? Anytime we see any of these flashing lights and noises, I try to divert. It rarely works, but I try but it never fails that I am BEGGED for a quarter or 3 to play these silly games!

Claw Machines – Beware!

One of my older kids favorite games is the claw machine. They could spend our life savings trying to get a stupid 10 cent toy. Apparently, these claw machines aren’t the safest for little kids. Watch your kids around claw machines, or guess what could happen? Kids are climbing into these machines and getting stuck! (or playing and avoiding their parents). I kid you not. I DIED LOL’ing when I saw this! Read more about toddlers climbing in claw machines.