VTech Innotab Max Review

Looking for a tablet for your child? Our friends at V-Tech sent over a V-Tech Innotab Max for us to review. As a mom to a 4 and 5-year old, was anxious to see how the kids responded and what this kid’s tablet had to offer.

VTech Innotab Max Review

Here is the low down on the Innotab Max:

innotab max review

If you are looking for a tablet that offers a world of learning and ever-expanding library of over 650 educator-supported learning cartridges and carefully selected educational Android apps, make sure to check out the VTech Innotab Max.

VTech Innotab Max Specs

The Innotab Max offers a 7″ touch screen tablet, a 180-degree camera to take pictures and record videos, 8GB of available internal storage, stylus for writing and drawing apps and more.

  • 7″ touchscreen
  • With a 8GB storage capacity you can store a large amount of data on this kids 7″ tablet
  • VTech Kid Connect Premium app
  • This blue VTech InnoTab learning tablet comes with a kid-safe web browser
  • 180-degree rotating camera and video recorder
  • Ideal for ages 4-9 years old

Izaiah started Kindergarten this fall. It’s been an adventure to say the least. One of the things he is having the hardest time grasping is his letters. He can add, subtract and do all things numbers – but letters, forget about it. Trying to learn sight words has been a chore. Something we’ve been using the Innotab Max for is helping him learn how to spell his sight words. As a mom, I’ve loved watching him on the Innotab. He pulls up the notepad feature and we spell his sight words and then he types them out. We are working on spaces, but it’s been fun seeing HIM want to learn and not me pushing things on him.

The handle on the cover is perfect for on the go. We had a bout of strep in the family last week and were frequenting the doctor’s office. This tablet was the perfect thing to keep the littlest occupied while big sister had her throat swabbed.

Innotab Max

As a mom, there are several things that I am loving about the Innotab Max: the price (around $99), the educational focus, durability, and ease of use make this a winning product. I also love how the tablet is built to grow with a child. I hate buying products for my kids that can only entertain them for a short period of their life. Once your child masters letters, he can move on to spelling, reading, etc.

If you are in the market for a kids tablet, definitely check out the Vtech Innotab Max.

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