The Vine app quickly became a personal favorite app when it launched a few weeks ago. I loved the idea of 6 second video snippets that didn’t allow major editing. The app reminds me of Instagram but with more dimension. I quickly hopped on the Vine bandwagon, gained made about 16 Vine videos, found my favorite Viners and gained a few dozen followers. I was a happy Viner, until last week.

vine app issues

Vine App Issues

I went to login last week using my Twitter account (digitalmomblog) and it prompted me that I needed to create an account. SAY WHAT?? I had an account. I made sure I hadn’t used another Twitter account and nope. So boo – my old account is frozen in a state of I don’t know how to access and I had to create a new account, life will go on – but annoying, yes.  Alas, that’s my issue but looks like there is a BIGGER issue with the app:

Vine Porn

So porn is another problem with Vine that the world wide web is speaking out about. While I haven’t encountered any, I guess it’s enough of a problem for the Vine app to have it’s rating changed in the Apple app store from 12 and older to 17+.

Twitter’s new video-sharing app Vine has changed its age rating to 17+, following an outbreak of porn. TNW first noticed the change.

Before this update, Vine was rated for anyone 12 and older. But that became increasingly risky as users began uploading and sharing pornographic content.

A simple search for #sex or #porn would bring up an array of graphic video. At one point, Vine accidentally featured a pornographic video to all of its users, which prompted Apple to remove the app from its “Editor’s Choice” section on the App Store. After that, Twitter started blocking all porn-related searches. However, it’s still pretty easy to find porn on Vine with some clever searching techniques.

Vine and Kids

While I let me daughter have a closed Instagram account, I think we will be holding off on her getting a Vine account. I wish more companies when developing apps would put thought into parental controls.

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