usb typewriter

The USB Typewriter - not what your grandma used.

USB typewriter – yes, you read that right. How did I miss this?

The USB Typewriter™ is a new and groundbreaking innovation in the field of obsolescence.  Lovers of the look, feel, and quality of old fashioned manual typewriters can now use them as keyboards for any USB-capable computer, such as a PC, Mac, or even iPad!  The modification is easy to install, involves no messy wiring, and does not change the outward appearance of the typewriter (except for the usb adapter itself, which is mounted in the rear of the machine).  Plus, it features all the advanced functions of a modern keyboard, such as ctrl, alt, esc, arrow keys, and so forth.  So, the end result is a retro-style USB keyboard that not only looks great, but feels great to use.

 USB Typewriter in Action


It’s an old school tool made new.

The USB Typewriters start at $699. If that scares you, don’t fear there is a DIY USB type writer kit that is substantially less – priced at $74.

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