16 Year Old Self.


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Tweet Your 16 Year Old Self

Thinking back to when I was 16 to what I thought then vs what I know now – here is what I would tweet my 16 year old self:

Trust God. U will meet ur husb when 17. Give w/all of your heart. Keep learning the web & buy domain names. Its ok 2 be a geek – be yourself.

What would you tell the 16 year old you?

Being a teenager sucks.

Raging hormones.

Parents who just don’t understand.

Friends who dictate your life.

IMPORTANT decisions like what color to dye your hair.

Boys, dating and that STUFF that is associated with that.

What freaks me out – in 9 years the little girl that so innocently sings Justin Bieber and admires Taylor Swift will be one of THOSE teenage girls. While  9 years seems like a long ways a way, I know the last 7 years of her little life have flashed past us in an instant.

As you may or may not know, I work for Thomas Nelson Live Events.  We produce  Women of Faith and The Revolve Tour events. A few years into my tenure with Women of Faith, our audience was asking for an event for teen girls.  Thru the last 5 years, we’ve worked to create an event that is made from the ground up – JUST for them.

SO… What is The Revolve Tour? It’s an event for teen girls – messages made specifically for the exact spot they are in their life with words that they need to hear. Boys, friendship, drama and GOD. Great music, speakers that get real with words that teen girls get.

Here is darling Courtney Clark Cleveland talking friendship. Court is our emcee at the Revolve Tour.  This is the true real life advice girls need to hear. COURTNEY I  WISH YOU HAD TALKED TO ME WHEN I WAS 16! I so needed to hear that it’s okay to be myself.


Hawk Nelson
My Z @ Revolve

Each year – I attend Revolve. Each year I cry because the messages are so honest and even though I am 32 not 16 – I get it and I wish that I had got it 16 years ago. It’s not all a cry fest, I promise.  There’s a heck of a whole lot of loud LOUD music, screaming teens, LOTS and LOTS of cell phones, constant photo flashes and teen girls hearing that they are loved and absorbing who God is and what grace is all about.  While Z (who is now 7) is counting down the days until she can see Hawk Nelson – I can’t wait until she is old enough to hear the messages and fully experience all that Revolve has to offer.

Be there. Bring a teen girl. You’ll both enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I am employed by Thomas Nelson Live Events, which produces The Revolve Tour. The opinions posted here are those of my own and not of my employer.