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Top 25 Baby Care Apps

Babble asked me to put together a list of my top 25 favorite baby care apps. Here they are! Click on an app to read the full overview and link to download. I tried to get a good mix of Android apps and iPhone apps that are both free and paid. These apps are useful for taking care of baby in the areas of baby timers, education, sleep, feeding and entertainment.

  1. 100+ Baby Food Recipes
  2. Baby and Toddler Nutrition
  3. Baby Basics
  4. Baby Connect
  5. Baby Food App
  6. Baby Food Diary
  7. Baby’s Musical Hands
  8. Baby Sign and Learn
  9. Baby Sleep Care Pro
  10. Baby Snooze
  11. Baby Symbolizer
  12. Baby Timer from Early Bird Software
  13. Baby Touch and Hear
  14. BabyFirst Mobile
  15. iBreastfeed
  16. iPacifier
  17. Kidzongs
  18. Little Uzu
  19. My Baby Einstein
  20. Peek-a-Boo Baby Rattle
  21. Sleepy Baby
  22. Sleepy Zoo
  23. Total Baby
  24. Baby Tracker
  25. Where’s Puppy’s Nose? for Baby

What apps did I miss? Nominate your favorite!