Toms Ballet Flats Discontinued – New Styles Ahead

    toms ballet flats discontinued

    The beloved Toms Ballet Flats appear to be discontinued. Just a year ago, we were singing the praises of these beloved shoes. In fact, they are still a staple in my wardrobe – but it looks like Toms has jumped ship on the flats. 

    TOMS Ballet Flats Discontinued

    Who knows the reason behind Toms ballet flats being discontinued. I know from all that I had talked to that had purchased, they were irritated with the sizing (myself included) – but by all means in love with the style.

    Here is a response from Toms, when asked about new ballet flat styles by Angela on their Facebook page:

    TOMS Support Hi Angela! At the moment, yes, the only ballet flats we have are available in the last chance section – the rest have sold out. At this time there are not plans to release any new styles for fall. So sorry!

    New TOMS Wedges

    Toms latest line is more with wedges, both closed toe wedges and open toe wedges.  The Toms wedges are reaching style bloggers who hadn’t purchased their traditional Toms Shoe style.

    toms wedges

    Available at Amazon, $56.00 – $74.00

    Also, patterns are all the rage.

    toms new styles

    Available at Amazon, $35.00+

    TOMS on Zulily

    Did you see Toms on Zulily?  This is the first time I have seen Toms at any type of major discount.  The Toms Zulily sale appeared to work as with the 2-day run, most of the shoes sold out quick. I was able to pick up the boys matching toddler Toms giraffe style – how cute are these! Tiny Toms ran me $18.99 – shipping killed at $8.99 but these were too cute.

    toms toddler giraffe

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