toddler round-up

Our toddlers this week:

toddlers aug 13

It was an eventful week in toddler world. Zeke is on the verge of walking, I’m totally not digging this – but I guess it’s what best for him.  Izaiah has learned patience and has an obsession with the iPad. These 2 things make a mom happy and the house a little less messy.

Both the boys have come down with a cold. I have seen more snot than I care to!

I am almost there for registering both for preschool! This is exciting and will be a weird change as I haven’t had regular child care for Zeke or Izaiah in a few months.

As you may know, in addition to blogging here on Digital Mom Blog, I blog toddlerhood at Toddler Times at Babble!

Here is a round up of what I’m Toddler Babbling about….

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