To The Pumpkin Patch


We headed to the pumpkin patch for our annual outing. Plus, we had a new baby – therefore my get the obligatory photo of kid in a pumpkin (read more about this at, All for a Pumpkin Photo).

All 4 kids

4 kids, trying to get a photo of them ALL together, means you just settle. Izaiah not looking at the camera. E being his cute self, trying to keep Izaiah from falling off the pumpking. Z giving her cheesiest CHEESE and Zeke not knowing what the heck is going on. But here are ALL of our kids.


Z seems to not realize she has outgrown RIDING in the wagon. I’m not complaining, I hate seeing her grow up!

E at the pumpkin patch

E is our monkey.

Izaiah at the pumpkin patch

Izaiah’s last venture to the pumpkin patch was with his preschool. He was carrying a pumpkin and fell FACE first onto the stem, creating a lovely black eye. So this trip, we kept him from trying to carry any pumpkin!

Zeke at the pumpkin patch

Zeke didn’t know what to think, other than the fact he wanted to sleep and didn’t get why we were setting him next to these big orange things. Next year, buddy – you’ll love the pumpkin patch!

izaiah and his monkey at the pumpkin patch

This is one of my favorite shots. Izaiah and his beloved sock monkey. I love that kid (and that sock monkey!)

Amazingly, we survived – and despite helping 2 kids on 2 different occasions find their moms – none of our children were lost during the outing!

Checking this off the Fall TO-DO list. Now to find costumes, I guess Halloween is in 2 days, whoops.