What Happened Last Week

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Last week was crazy to say the least.

It was back to school time for our 2 older kids, Z and E.

Izaiah has come to the understanding that Zeke is a real person, not a baby doll as he appears.

And our attempts to get Zeke on any type of schedule have failed.  That’s alright, he’s really cute. View a recap of Zeke’s third week.

Life not working is weird and strangely stress-free. I’ve spent the last 3 weeks recovering, spending time with the family, and blogging. It’s a huge shift from the 50+ hour work weeks. I miss the day to day somedays, but for now am just enjoying maternity leave, wearing yoga pants everyday and brushing my hair only when leaving the house.

Here are a few blog posts from this week over at Babble:

How Was Your Week?







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