the wilderness downtown

the wilderness downtown

I’m a senior citizen in the digital world.

New things come out of this web everyday – but then a day like to day happens and I am left again in awe of creativity.

In my office, prepping for a meeting with Fain walks in needing a computer with CHROME. Her old school laptop with restrictions that won’t let her play solitaire wasn’t letting her view a site, she must see. Happy to help, not sure what the heck she is needing… I open a tab, and type in

The Wilderness Downtown

the wilderness downtown neighborhood

Confused by what this was – just thought she needed something for a meeting – we spent the next 5 minutes in a total state of amazement.

Stop what you are doing – and do this.

  • Open CHROME.
  • Visit
  • Turn up your speakers.
  • Watch on a large monitor
  • Close all other windows
  • Type in “The address of the home you grew up”
  • Click SEARCH
  • Wait patiently…. waiting waiting….
  • Click Play Film

I’ve watched 3 times. I should be eating lunch. This is too good not too share!

This is an interactive film – but I’d say it’s a music video set in motion for Arcade Fire’s “We Used to Wait For It” – how could I not of known about this band before?  The brillance of this – they just made 1 customer.

The one negative to this interactive film vs a YouTube video? I can’t see how many people have viewed. I would LOVE to see the Google Analytics stats on this.

wilderness downtownThe Story Behind The Wilderness Downtown

Arcade Fire is who you listen to — the song in The Wilderness Downtown is “We Used to Wait.”

Chris Milk and a team of brilliant programmers led by Aaron Koblin created this web masterpiece.  Using a ton of creativity and crazy mad HTML5 programming skills — The Wilderness Downtown brings together sound and motion into a web experience like no other.  In my 20 years (I was a wee tweenager on Gopher, yes – I am a geek. Always have been, will always be.) – this is huge.

Huge kudos to Chris Milk, Aaron Koblin and their programming teams (and Google) on this web experience.  You have made my day complete. And I sadly wanted to cry when I saw my childhood home on the screen.


In the movie it prompts you to write a letter to your adult self – here is my postcard to me.

postcard to myself

What does YOUR postcard say?