The Power of Moms Online

power of moms onlineDo corporations REALLY understand the power of moms and the internet?

Check out these stats:

  • Of the 36.2 million women actively participating in the blogosphere weekly as either publishers or readers, 46% — or just over 16.5 million — have children at home.
  • 67% of moms online look for help making a purchasing decision.
  • Overall, full-time working moms use technology at the highest rates.
  • The cell phone is the technology used most often by moms to communicate with their kids, and 80% say it is the direct line to their child and babysitter.

What happens when you gang several of us mommy bloggers together?

Remembering Maddie.

Tragedy stuck Heather Spohr’s family. Heather, a mommy blogger to little Maddie – lost her daughter in April. Mommy bloggers everywhere united and joined forces to do 2 things. Help the Spohrs and raise money for March of Dimes.
Shortly after Maddie’s passing – blogs and twitter avatars were turned purple in honor of this little girl that was just known by most from the internet.  Over $35,000 has poured in for March of Dimes. Numerous women are walking (and wearing purple) in remembrance of Maddie.

Motrin Moms. Have you heard of them?

In November 2008, Motrin launched the below commercial, aimed at Moms.  Motrin forgot 1 thing – women are sensitive.

Check out the Twitter convo (which is still going on, 7 months later) on this “Motrin Moms” commercial.

Corporate America, pay attention.

Moms are in full force. We have purchasing power and we’re raising the next generation of your consumers. Beware and be aware.

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