The Bible. 1 Chapter a Day. 140 or less.

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bible summary

Chris Juby, is a church worker and freelance web developer based in Durham, UK. He is on a mission – his goal? To summarize the entire bible on Twitter over the next 3 years.

For a number of years I’ve had the habit of reading a chapter of the Bible each morning – I find it helps me ground my thoughts for the day and keeps me rooted in God’s story.

I read from Genesis to Revelation in order (for no particular reason other than it’s easy to find my place). It takes over three years to read all 1189 chapters.

This time through I decided to write a brief summary of each chapter to help me focus on what I’ve read. I also decided to fit my summaries into Twitter’s 140 character limit and publish them at @biblesummary

Chris is up to Genesis 8 – and will be tweeting thru November 8, 2013. 4,448 Followers so far on Twitter – all in just a week -g

You can follow along on Chris’ journey thru the bible by following him on Twitter – @biblesummary – or by following along on his blog

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