The Baby Fell Down the Stairs

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I have feared our baby falling down the stairs since the little guy started crawling around. Yesterday, it happened and it was TOTALLY my fault.

Izaiah is 14 months and is walking EVERYWHERE. While it’s totally adorable, his new fascination is with anything we direct him away from – so things like HOT OVENS, XBOX CONTROLLERS , IPODS and STAIRS are his obsession.

Yesterday, the door bell rang and I ran down the stairs. I totally FORGOT about the gate at the top of the stairs. As I talked to my friend, I hear my 6 year old scream, IZAIAH are you okay!? I turned around to see my baby half way down the stairs. My son comforted him until I could get to the baby. My heart sunk.

He was completely fine – apparently he did a nice roll that left him unharmed. He had a few carpet type burns and a little red mark on his nose. No real crying from him (from me, that’s another story). My friend kept on comforting him and me saying he was fine. I was dying inside.

*sigh* Having kids is not for the faint of heart.


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