38 weeks pregnant

38 Weeks BABY!

I've made it to the 38 week mark. My iPhone has dinged with a push alert - "You have started a new week of pregnancy!" WOOHOO! Baby is officially cooked. At our last ultrasound, bambino was on track for...
Not Traveling means more connecting time with my family

Not Traveling = Connecting With My Family

After returning from maternity leave, my travel schedule picked up at work. Now that I've experienced this last season of down time, I'm realizing the connection with my family that I missed.
14 weeks pregnant

14 Weeks Pregnant

Hello Week 14 of Pregnancy! This means 2nd trimester! If you are pregnant - ignore the next paragraph, and please don't hate. This is my 4th pregnancy, the last 3 left me vomitting and sleeping for at...