5 Ways to Style Wet Hair – Mom Style

5 Ways to Style Wet Hair – Mom Style

how to style wet hairStyle Wet Hair? Please Show Me How!

I am what you called hair challenged. If it wasn’t for the Dry Bar or for my awesome hair stylist Amber, this hair would be frumpity dump dump. I am a busy mom, who works at home. I try to blow my hair out when I can, but I have massively thick hair.

When I stumbled upon this tutorial of how to style wet hair, I knew I had to share with any other moms who crave mom style but are currently stuck in mom rut.  These are 5 darling hair styles that you can do, right after jumping out of the shower. YES! That’s what I am talking about!

SO, how do you style wet hair?

Here is a fabulous tutorial from LetsMakeItUp1 to help us style wet hair 5 different ways! She does all 5 in under 10 minutes (actually at around 7 minutes!).

Hopefully these will let you enjoy your 3 minute shower before you have to jump out and chase down a kid, feed another and then change 2 dirty diapers leaving you exactly 90 seconds to do your hair. Have you been there?


How Do You Style Your Hair When Wet?

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