Read Before You Buy Toms Ballet Flats

Read Before You Buy Toms Ballet Flats

toms ballet flats run big

Toms Ballet Flats – They Are Here!

We’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of Toms Ballet Flats. Then we anxiously awaited for them to arrive.

On Friday, our Toms flats arrived and we were beyond giddy. We ripped open the box, admired the adorableness of the suede leopard print and slipped them on our feet. And that’s where the excitement ended.

Before You Buy Online

Make SURE you buy at least a half size smaller than your shoe size.

While I’ve bought numerous pairs of Toms shoes before, the ballet flats are running large. Apparently I’m not the only one noticing. 2 consistencies I am seeing in reviews.

1. People are LOVING their Toms Ballet Flats

2. People are saying that the shows are running big

toms ballet flat review half size

If you are ordering online – make sure to consider ordering a half size smaller.


The quality of these feel outstanding. I purchased the grey suede and the construction is fabulous. I will say though, I am cheap. Priced at $79, I wanted to make sure these shoes would last me a while.

What Stores Carry Toms Ballet Flats

Nordstroms has a few sample pairs out for displau, but the flats won’t be available in store until March if you want to get an exact size.

Your best bet is using the retail finder – calling and asking.

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