AT&T and Android Phones – My Husband Must Have an Android

AT&T and Android Phones – My Husband Must Have an Android

As rumors continue to swirl that the iPhone is no longer going to be exclusive to AT&T – you would think AT&T would be stepping up it’s game in the phone market.  

While Android’s market is the fastest growing, AT&T doesn’t seem to be buying it.

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Stuck With AT&T Until Verizon Release the iPhone 4

The scenario in our house is that I’m on AT&T. I love my iPhone but am ready to upgrade to the iPhone 4.  In order for me to do that, I need to sign on for ANOTHER 2 years.  In order for me to commit, my husband and I must get on a family plan since his contract with T-Mobile is finally done with.

I am thinking this scenario may happen quite a bit – husband and wife on different carriers wanting to consolidate to 1 family plan.

The Deal Breaker

Here’s the deal breaker. My husband refuses to get an iPhone. He is dead set on an Android. He could careless about if his siblings have iPhones, or that his wife has an iPhone or if his mom has an iPhone. Facetime doesn’t matter to him.  Either he really likes the Android platform, or he likes being difficult (I’m writing this as I know he won’t read it, teehee).

He has a G1 on T-Mobile for the last 2 years – and the thing is just about the croak. He deserves a nice pretty functioning super phone – but AT&T is the problem.

Husband’s Requirements for an Android Phone

  • 4 inch screen – not much larger, prefers not much smaller
  • At least 5 megapixel camera
  • Running Android 2.1 or 2.2
  • Ideally 1 GHz processor

The Samsung Captivate ALMOST fulfills his wish list – but after seeing that it doesn’t have the front and back camera (it does have a back camera) – as the same model on other carriers – forget about it.


Yeah, AT&T isn’t looking too good for options.

Pooey. More on this to come.
NEXT -> We’ll look at AT&T’s Tablet Phone Hybrids….

If all else fails – I’m moving to Verizon as soon as the iPhone 4 arrives!