Google+ Status Updates

Google+ Status Updates

So day 2 of Google+ and am already loving it, mondo.

A very cool features is the Google+ Status Updates also known as Google+ Stream

sharing on google+

After posting to to my stream – I received a polite message with this info… You can edit typos in your statuses as well as easily delete. You can select if you want others to be able to comment or reshare.

How fabulous is this?!?!

Sometimes you screw up a werd err.. word – it allows you to fix it.

Sometimes you just don’t want to hear someone’s opinion – so comments off.

Hello Facebook statuses – catch up if you want to stay in the game… remember that wee little company called MySpace? 🙂

I don’t see Facebook going anywhere, or down the tube like MySpace (though I did hear Justin Timblerlake has plans to revive that thing). But they really should keep note. I guess they will since, Mark Zuckerburg is on Google+.