E crashed on I’s nap bed.


Today, I am scheduled to have our 4th child induced. After 39 and a half weeks of pregnancy, and over 160 total weeks of pregnancy, I feel exactly like this.

Here’s praying for a safe arrival of baby #4. Quatro, we love you and cannot wait to meet you. Z and E can’t stop talking about your arrival. Mommy and Daddy can’t do anything more to prep for you. Izaiah, well he will love you but is too young to understand.

Note: This post was scheduled. I could and hopefully have had baby #4 by now. I would hate for the babe not to come all because she or he’s mom scheduled a post saying that she or he wouldn’t be born until this day. 🙂 Feel free to come out and meet us. We can’t WAIT to meet you Quatro. You are loved!






Planning Maternity Leave

Planning Maternity Leave

Planning Maternity Leave Can Be A Challenge. Here Are Some Tips to Help!

Planning Maternity Leave

In approximately 9 weeks, my maternity leave from my job starts. Working while pregnant is a blessing for me. The next several weeks I have some major planning ahead to make sure all is smooth sailing for my team and co-workers while I’m out of the office enjoying our new little baby.

This being my 4th kiddo – I’ve had my fair share of maternity leave planning. There are a few things that have helped me and those I work with that thought maybe useful to other working moms or soon to be working moms!

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Give Yourself a Day OFF!

Give Yourself a Day OFF!

You deserve a day off!

Take a Day Off!

I gave myself the best gift ever for Mother’s Day this year. A day OFF!

My husband and I are constantly juggling work life balance and raising a family. I haven’t taken a vacation day since Christmas.  I’ve been saving my days to have the extra paid time off with our baby in my belly. With the business of life – a day off is just what was needed. And to make the day even better, my husband took the day off as well.

Rules for Our Day Off:

  • No schedule
  • Get the kids to school on time then SLEEP until whenever
  • Don’t look at work email

We headed out of town this past weekend so we were zonked. I woke up at 7:15 am, rushed the older kids to school, then headed home to SLEEP. The babe slept until NOON and so did me and the husb. We don’t get enough time with Iza, so he skipped childcare and hung with us for the day.  A belated Mother’s Day for me and Birthday treat for my husband – we dined at a Brazilian Steakhouse. Then off to enjoy a pedicure, pick up the kiddos early from school and enjoyed a date night. (P.S. Limitless is an amazing movie! and THANK YOU BETSY for babysitting!).

It was the absolute perfect day that I know will be a rarity in the coming years as we add another person to the house. Juggling it all is hard, but one this is for sure. We are  dedicated to testing and trying out whatever we can to make our work life balance work.

Take time to evaluate how you can take a break from the everyday. Make yourself a priority. Give yourself a day off!

What Would Your Perfect Day Off Look Like?