pregnant again

Pregnant Again

Here we are, pregnant again... WAIT MOLLY DIDN'T YOU SAY..... Yes, my husband was. BUT UHM. If you are looking for a juicy story on how my...
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The Story of a Baby Born at 24 Weeks

I can remember pregnancy like it was just yesterday, except it was a year ago. I thank God often for the healthy babies I delivered. With 4, I am so...


Quatro is scheduled to arrive today. I feel like E. Pooped.
songs to give birth to

We’re Having a Baby Today! Maybe.

My daughter is dead set on us having a baby today. It's her friend's birthday so why not. She is so dead set - that  she informed my co-worker last...
38 weeks pregnant

38 Weeks BABY!

I've made it to the 38 week mark. My iPhone has dinged with a push alert - "You have started a new week of pregnancy!" WOOHOO! Baby is...
31 Weeks Pregnant Baby Bump

Babbling Pregnancy

This blogging thing is slightly addicting. As mentioned a few months ago, I am a Babble blogger! So babbling pregnancy, that's what I've been...