Pinteresting Stats

By |February 7th, 2013|Technology & Web|

Well Pinterest addicts - the stats show it. There are millions of us. We are no longer alone! No longer do we have to lie about the fabulous dessert we brought to a party being a secret family recipe, we can openly and honestly admit it. We found it on Pinterest. Did you know that [...]

Pinterest Stats & Facts About The Pinterest Craze

By |February 15th, 2012|Pinterest, Technology & Web|

Pinterest Stats and Facts About the Pinterest CRAZE Looking for Pinterest stats? We have all the facts and stats about the Pinterest craze. As we all know, Pinterest is creating a bunch of Pinterest Addicts. Here are the Pinterest Stats and Facts about how the Pinterest craze has taken the web by storm! Over 100 [...]

Super Bowl or Pinterest?

By |February 5th, 2012|Pinterest|

Super Bowl or Pinterest I am not a football type of gal so I'm spending my evening pinning. By the number of repins I am getting, it looks like I'm not the only one choosing Pinterest over the Super Bowl! I found all of the Super Bowl commercials on YouTube so I'm not missing a [...]

101 Things Pinterest Makes Me

By |February 3rd, 2012|Pinterest|

Pinterest you have changed my life - for the good. Seriously. I cook more. I try different hair styles. I craft with my kids. I re-do my floors. I experiment. Because of you I'm a new person. Who would of thunk a silly little website could impact your life so much? Yes, I [...]

How to Print on Lunch Bags

By |January 16th, 2012|Parenting, Pinterest, Printables|

Doll up your kids' lunches by printing on lunch bags! I've had these brown lunch sacks sitting next to my computer for a week waiting to be printed on. The kiddos go back to school tomorrow, so what better time to try this out then while making lunches. Let's look at how to print on lunch [...]

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for Golden Girls Fans

By |January 12th, 2012|Printables|

Did you grow up in the era of Rose and Blanche?  If so, we have so found a treat for you! Check out these printable Golden Girls Valentine's Day Cards! Bea: Bea Mine (Bea Arthur played the roll of Dorothy) Blache: I Blanche at the thought of losing you Rose: A single rose on Valentine's [...]

The Best 50 Hair Tutorials – Say Hello To A New 2012 HairDo

By |January 8th, 2012|Pinterest|

Out with the old, in with the new. Spice up your look and that style with a new hairdo... or make that 50 new hairdos! We've collapsed our fave Pinterest and web finds to bring you the best of the best in hair tutorials. Perfect for the mom who want to get rid of mom [...]

Social Media Explained

By |December 28th, 2011|Geekery|

Social Media Explained by Someone Who Pees Twitter: I need to pee Facebook: I peed Foursquare: This is where I pee Quora: Why am I peeing? YouTube: Look at this pee! LinkedIn: I'm good at peeing MySpace: Why did everyone pee and leave? Google+: Let's all pee together! A hilarious way to explain the what [...]

Is That an Angry Bird in My Coffee?

By |November 27th, 2011|Angry Birds, Pinterest|

Barrista with a slight angry birds addiction maybe? Pinterest Source: The Pinterest Daily Re-Pin is a daily series of something fabulous found on Pinterest. Follow me - leave your Pinterest link in the comments and I’ll follow you back. Happy Pinning!

Internet Quotes

By |November 16th, 2011|Pinterest|

"The thing about quotes on the internet is you can not confirm their validity." - Abraham Lincoln Gotta love the internet and all of it's wonderful information and sometimes complete bogusness! Source: suburbansahm via Pinterest The Pinterest Daily Re-Pin is a daily series of something fabulous found on Pinterest. Follow me - leave your Pinterest link [...]

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