Instagram – 5 Million Users – Only 4 Employees

Instagram – 5 Million Users – Only 4 Employees

Instagram, the popular iPhone app that has spurred the iphotography world with it’s pretty filters and ease-of-use has exploded in popularity.

instagram rise in popularity

The growth of Instagram is predicted at adding around 1 million new users a month, as popularity soars. Instagram, the visual Twitter – is only 8 months old, the service currently has 5 million users – yet only 4 employees.

Instagram is available ONLY on the iPhone for free. Currently the company is not in a hurry to find out how to monetize the app, after securing $7.5 million in in venture financing.

Will Instagram expand is realm from being an iPhone only app to Android and other mobile markets? Good question. But whatever they do, they have a good thing going!

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Izaiah Turns 1 Year

Izaiah Turns 1 Year

1 Year Old

Our little boy turns 1 year old. Here is pic from Izaiah’s first birthday party.

happy birthday izaiah


I really don’t know where the time has gone. I really can’t believe we’re expecting ANOTHER baby. I really can’t believe how STINKING cute this boy is. But it’s all wonderful, we’re blessed and couldn’t be happier.

We spent his day in Austin, enjoying the sites and visiting family. His face lit up as we sang happy birthday. It was a day he’ll soon forget, but we won’t.

Izaiah, thank you for melting our hearts with your silly demeanor and your heart melting smile. You are loved my big 1 year old!


Teaching Kids Early – SEXTING is a NO-NO.

Teaching Kids Early – SEXTING is a NO-NO.

SEXTING makes me feel OLD.

I’m 32, but the thought of sending a naked or partially naked picture via text just sounds like trouble – which HELLO has shown time and time again to be.

sexting is bad

That being said, from what you hear… it seems “all the kids are doing it.” So what’s there to do – where scenarios arise which lessons can be taught – you teach!

Finding Opportunity to Talk & Teach

We had a somewhat innocent incident happen that turned into a teaching opportunity. One of my kids was shaking their booties on their iPod Touch and mailing it to the other. The butt was clothed, no nudity – but still REALLY!?! We sat both kids down and asked what they would think if we mailed that to all of their friends and family. Both were very “NO MOMMY, DON’T DO IT.” Well there you go, don’t shake your booty on camera, or that photo WILL get out.

After being grounded for a week, we’re hoping the lesson sunk in. It’s better to find these opportunities now – rather than in 5 years when it’s too late and a picture that was taken innocently is spread.

How do you talk to your kids about situations like sexting? And what age did you start talking to them about digital safety?

iPod, iPhone & iPad Cables and What Charges What – Explained.

iPod, iPhone & iPad Cables and What Charges What – Explained.

Apple devices, apple ipad, iphone, ipod touch

So you have an iPhone and an iPad and you swear the Apple cables look the same. Well you are right. Apple ships the same cables/cords with the iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone. But, isn’t there always a but? The difference is in the voltage needed to power each.

iPod, iPhone & iPad Cables & How to Charge Explained – What I Can Use to Charge What

Here’s the deal with pictures – for us right-brain visual types who need photos to learn!

iPod Touch & iPhone

iPod Touch and iPhone

You can charge your iPod Touch and iPhone using the apple cables with your computer OR with the 5 watt USB power adapter for the iPod Touch, iPhone or the iPad.You can also use the 10 watt USB power adapter (that came with the iPad) to charge your iPod Touch or iPhone – it will NOT increase the speed in which your devide charges.


iPad Charging

You can charge your iPad using the apple cables with your computer – though you may receive a "Not Charging" message on your iPad. What does the "Not Charging" message on your iPad mean? It simply means your USB isn’t providing enough voltage to efficiently charge your iPad. Your iPad WILL STILL CHARGE – just at a very very slow rate, especially if you are using it while charing on a computer. This message does not happen everytime, so if you are showing that your iPad is charging, no worries!

You can charge you iPad with the 10 watt USB Apple power adapter that came with your iPad, as well as the 5 watt USB Apple power adapter that came your iPhone or iPod touch… BUT it will charge at a very slow rate. The Apple iPad needs the 10 watt USB power adapter to fully charge in the intended amount of time.

Facts About Charging the Power on Apple Devices:

  • The iPad fully charges in 2.5 hours – when charged with a 10 watt USB power adapter.
  • The iPhone and iPod touch also charge fully in 2.5 hours – when using a 5 watt USB power adapter.

Apple iPhone & iPad Cords – Buy in Buik

And a side note, I love you Apple but you are expensive, and this girl is cheap. I buy my cords in bulk from Monoprice. Say what you will… they’ve always worked just dandy for me. Sometimes, I feel like Apple gnomes sneak in at night and steal my cables.. therefore I must always have 6 stashed away in a drawer.

An Apple Gnome who steals iphone cords while you sleep