Accessorizing Your iPad

Accessorizing Your iPad

So you bought an iPad – it’s fabulous and all – but (isn’t there ALWAYS a BUT?) – now it’s time to accessorize.

Girls, you’ll get this. We are masters of accessorizing. Boys, these are accessories that you’ll even want.

We have had our iPad (we call her Paddy) for a few months now. ¬†She is a gem. Right out of the box, we were in love. But, it soon became quite obvious that a few things that weren’t included in the pretty Apple iPad box that we would need.

Here is my list of iPad accessory must-haves:

iPad Accessory Essentials

Acase Deluxe Leather multi-view Case/Folio with Stand

iPad Case

Sure, the Apple store has some pretty ones, but those pretty iPad cases are pretty expensive. I’d rather save my change for apps. For $13.49, you can’t beat this iPad case. I use my iPad in meetings – this serves me well as it’s the size of a notebook, and appears as such for easy carrying..The case has a nice slot for me to place my business cards which is also a win. There is a stand so you can use as a digital frame, but I’ve found useful when typing and sitting at a table.

Apple iPad Empire New-Skin Case Silicone Protector, Neon Green

While I don’t NEED this, I have a case – I wanted this and it’s in route. It’s green and that makes me happy and will protect my iPad when it’s out of it’s fancy shell.

Audiovox Surface SURF60 60ml Small Screen and Lens Cleaner with Microfiber Cloth

iPad Screen Cleaner

The iPad could be nicknamed: iFingerPrints as the iPad screen is dirty, all of the time. This annoys me. The product name listed sure looks fancy.. What this is, is a screen cleaner. I chose this one, since it’s a screen cleaner with a cool bottle that holds a microfiber cloth (that came with the package). Not sure how I didn’t take note to the iPhone screen always being dirty, guess the jumbo sized screen on the iPad is a little more obvious.

Apple iPad Cables – Cords and iPhone Cables – Cords

Apple Cords and Cables

Apple ships out the same cable with their iPhone, iPad and iTouch products. Keep extra Apple cables – cords around, as these things have a tendency to runaway and vanish. Do check out Monoprice as well, their cables serve us just fine and they are priced right.

Next on my wish list is a docking station, or possibly the keyboard dock, a stylus and an invisible shield…

What iPad Accessories Am I Missing?