The Secret Gift God Gives to Moms

The Secret Gift God Gives to Moms

secret gift god gives moms

God gives Moms the gift of motherly instinct.

The Secret Gift – What is It?

So what is the secret gift God gives to moms? Maternal Instinct.

Wikipedia describes maternal instinct as: The maternal bond that forms between a mother and her child.

Have you ever had a little bug in your ear that tells you something is wrong with your child or that you child has a certain need?  Hello Motherly Instinct!

This instinct has rang true so many times. Just a few weeks ago, I had a sense that something is wrong with Izaiah (our 18 month old baby). Sure enough, my little darling who is into everything turned the front door handle and was out in the front yard.

Two Quick Lessons for Those Moms with 18 Month Olds:

  1. Always lock your front door.
  2. Don’t have a lever door handle on your front door.

It was my motherly instinct yelling at me, “HEY Where is Izaiah? You haven’t heard him yelling in 2 minutes!”

And then you proceed to do a mommy freak out when you realize that indeed you are right. That secret gift of motherly instinct was spot on.

With babies, the cry that tells you that “I am hungry, Mommy” or “I need to burp” or even “I pooped my pants” – being able to decipher what that cry is – is indeed a gift.

Being a Mom isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s hard work with very long hours. Since money isn’t your paycheck, you are paid in smiles or 5 minutes of peace and quiet.

When all hell breaks loose, I do think God gives moms this secret gift. Even though some days I pray for other gifts like patience and uninterrupted sleep – knowing that I at least have an intuition that is typically right on with my kids – is a great gift to have.

How Has Your Motherly Instinct Played Into Your Life?