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Mom Jeans are a No No

Mom Jeans are a NO NO Like most things, I am sure the mom jeans trend will make it’s way around and this mom is standing up and saying NO! Mom jeans are a NO NO. Mom Jeans Commerical on SNL My hatred for ...Read More

How to Use Hot Rollers

Hot rollers and me have never been friends. They are like the girls you would love to know, but the more you try to have a conversation and get to know them, the more difficult the relationship becomes. Yeah, that’s that was me and hot ...Read More

Ballerina Bun Tutorial

Ballerina Bun Tutorial Hi Lovelies! Today’s Mom Style feature is the Ballerina Bun Tutorial. This look again, is super easy and quick – remember we are trying to rid ourselves of mom hair! This look is great for on the go and only requires ...Read More

Twisted Side Pony Hair Tutorial

Twisted Side Pony Hair Tutorial Looking for an updated look for your pony tail? The twisted side pony hair style is the perfect mix of quick and romantic! This is another hair tutorial that will leave your hair looking adorable quick and easy. No ...Read More

Quick and Messy Bun Tutorial

I don’t know if you are like me, but I am always sick and tired of my HAIR. I did this over at Babble and thought if I tried it again, I would maybe get out of the hair frump by posting some hair ...Read More