tips shooting bluebonnet photos

5 Tips for Taking Texas Bluebonnet Photos With Kids

Bluebonnet photos are the few occasions that I can force the entire family out the door, somewhat dressed to capture photos of the kids together. This past weekend we headed out take some pics, in hopes of...
cereal box crafts

Cereal Box Crafts

Does your family consume ungodly amounts of cereal? Mine does. It's obscene, that's if I am not around. While I am trying to stick to more of the granola and whole grains, the husband has a weakness when...
kids christmas tree

Moving Near Christmas with 4 Kids is NOT a Good Idea

We MOVED! After 9 months of sheer torture preparing a house to go on the market, a long hot summer with 4 kids at home and then selling a house, packing everything that you've owned the last 10+ years with 6...
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Can Computer Games Help Your Kids Learn?

Last week Jen and Barb discussed if computer games can help your child learn. As a mom to 4 kids, each of my 3 older kids love technology. While my 19-month old isn't on the iPad or computer everyday, the...
working moms are guinea pigs in a scientific experiment to show that sleep is not necessary to humans.

Life of a Working Mom

The hours are endless as a working mom. Between kids and your job, the responsibilities and to-dos are overwhelming!