How To Update Your iPhone Wallpaper

How To Update Your iPhone Wallpaper

how to update your iphone wallpaper

Updating Your iPhone Wallpaper

Updating your iPhone wallpaper from the ugly default background should be a top priority – well maybe not. But regardless, it’s one of those good things to know.

Here is a little video that will show you how to update your iPhone wallpaper on your home screen and your lock screen:


Go to Settings

Click Wallpaper

Click on the screen that shows your current wallpapers

Select a photo from your Camera Roll

Move and scale (if you’d like)

Select Set

Choose Set Lock Screen, Set Home Screen or Set Both

That’s it! Easy isn’t it? Now your screen is BEAUTIFUL! No more default iPhone wallpaper for you!

(These will work on the iPod Touch as well!)

[This is part of the Digital Mom series: iPhone Tips & Tricks]

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