5 BEST iPad Cases for Kids

By |April 25th, 2014|Baby, Digital Kids, Gadgets, iPad, Technology & Web|

Looking for an iPad case that will work well with kids?  We have 2 iPads for our 2 toddlers and we learned early on that in order for them to be able to play with the iPads, we would need to invest in nice iPad case.  If you are in the market for an iPad [...]

Chef Sleeve – Kitchen iPad Stand

By |March 18th, 2013|Tech Reviews, Technology & Web|

If you love to cook and use an iPad in the kitchen – this post is for you.  I recently did a post on iPad stands for the kitchen over on Babble.  Chef Sleeve contacted me to tell me about their product and sent one over for me to test out. This past January, we started eating clean in our house. All meals are prepped and cooked and OMG there is SO much time spent in the kitchen now a days that my iPad now lives in there. The thing with eating clean is that you need new recipes, constantly – or at least I do. As much as I love my black beans and brown rice with homemade salsa, I can only eat that so many times a week. […]

Download Your Free March 2013 Calendar Wallpaper

By |March 12th, 2013|Geekery|

Free March 2013 Calendar Wallpaper now available from Digital Mom Blog! Is anyone else constantly just needing the date? So what is the first thing I do to find out the date? I pick up my phone and due to pesky children who like to delete my apps and send random text messages and images, [...]

iPad Kitchen Cabinet

By |February 22nd, 2013|Technology & Web|

Looking for a way to use your iPad in the kitchen successfully. Some people buy an Kitchen iPad mount (see my Babble post – 7 Handy iPad Kitchen Stands) and then there are people who take it one step further. I would like to pause and say to my husband, please do not attempt this at our home. While I think this is really cool, we don’t have any spare cabinets and I REALLY love our kitchen, let’s just buy an iPad mount. This guy made hit kitchen cabinet his iPad holder. […]

iPotty – How to Potty Train Your Kid in the iPad Age

By |January 17th, 2013|Technology & Web|

Check out one of the latest toddler tech products that launched at CES this year. It's the iPotty. No, we aren't kidding. It's a toilet with a waterproof iPad stand. So yes, your toddler can play on his iPad on the toilet.... just like his daddy. The marketer in me says SMART. The mom in [...]

Toddler Round Up – August 21

By |August 21st, 2012|Parenting, Toddler Talk|

Toddler Round Up for Week of August 21st Here are our toddlers this week: Zeke has decided that he wants to walk. This past week, he took his first steps. Today he made it a good 10 feet. I’m not liking this.  In addition to walking, he has a new love for the toilet. See photo above. Yes, that is Z’s Barbie drowning at the hands of Zeke. I had to snap it and just laugh. Izaiah is officially addicted to the iPad. He will sit for hours and just stare and play. Before you go on about me letting my kid stare at an iPad all day, our battery is never charged, he gets maybe 20 minutes before it dies and then there is a scream fest. The photo above was snapped this morning when I heard something weird downstairs. It was Izaiah, he had gone out to the garage and pulled out the Shark Steam Mop. He wanted to steam the floors. Yes, he plugged it in and everything. Except he forgot the steam pad. I got to teach this boy better. […]

Microsoft Surface and the Apple iPad

By |July 20th, 2012|Technology & Web|

So we all know the Apple iPad. Chances are you’ve seen the Microsoft Surface video. There are obvious similarities but the similarities don’t stop at the devices – check out the way the presentations. […]

5 Executive iPad Cases That Wow

By |February 9th, 2012|Geekery|

Executive iPad Cases As the Apple iPad 2 goes mainstream into corporate America - the need for executive iPad cases is on the rise. Nothing says professional like a Hello Kitty iPad Case (yes, it exists and it's totally cute). If you are in the market for an executive iPad case - we're here to [...]

Snapseed App – Best Photo App for iPhone, iPad & Mac

By |February 7th, 2012|Geekery|

Snapseed App Review I stumbled upon the Snapseed app a month ago while surfing the Mac App Store. After some research, I knew I had to have it. The app was $19.95 for the desktop version. Yes, pricier than some apps, but in comparison to the software I use day to day for photo editing [...]

How to Use Pinterest App

By |February 2nd, 2012|App Reviews, Technology & Web|

  Pinterest apps available for the iPhone Pinterest app allows you to pin on the go. Pinterest App for Android? Pinterest Android users are upset that the social network has snubbed Android users by not creating an app.  Pinterest is available mobile: m.pinterest.com (but truth be told, I often switch back to full [...]

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