An Unexpected Gift.

An Unexpected Gift.

Friday night, baby daddy and I had our weekly date night.  Fajitas at Pappasitos, followed by a detour back to our house before picking the kiddos up.

Weird. So we walk inside and I’m handed a BEAUTIFULLY wrapped gift. There is a card. Happy un-birthday! Okay, this is the part where I get nervous. I love my husband with every ounce of my heart, but this is out of character. This feels too weird as it’s not a holiday.

Happy UnBirthday!

I open the gift. I cry. Yes, I cry and I’m okay with that. Because.

I own an iPad

Now I own an iPad.  I named her Paddy.

I’ll download more on this magnificent device called an iPad later. One thing I will say, if you think the iPad is just a gigantic iPhone… it’s way more than that.

And yes, Words with Friends HD is downloaded and I have at least 10 games going.  More on that later as well.

This is the beginning of a long journey as I switch from PCdom to the glorious APPLE! Slowly but surely. I’ll get there.

Google Voice is FREE!

Google Voice is FREE!

Google voice is free

Google voice is free and now available to anyone with a Google account.

Google Voice is Free

Earlier this year, I wrote about the awesomeness of Google Voice. I have now been using the voice service for about 9 months now and still heart it. And the best part? Google Voice is free.

Google has just announced it is opening the flood gates and letting the masses in! You no longer need an invite – it’s free for all!

Watch this video:


How to Use Google Voice?

We use this service as our additional number to give out in random places where I want to monitor a call. Doing this allows all calls that go to our phone, we know (for the most part) are something that we want to pick up.

Yes, that means Toys R Us and Bath and Body Works and yes YOU, Children’s Place have my Google Voice free number.

Google Voice Features

Our favorite features of Google Voice include text messages sent to the app. Also when someone leaves you a voice mail Google sends a transcribed copy to your email. But warning, the translation is quite hilarious and not on spot at all, It will give you a chuckle.

Another feature is you can download your voice mails. Yes, those mean voice mails that your ex is leaving you can now be easily downloaded for easy uploading.

Here are other features:

  • Number porting
  • Google voice for iPhone
  • Call phones from gmail
  • Call your Google voice number to listen to voice mail messages
  • You can setup your account to Do Not Disturb
  • Send SMS to multiple recipients

Do you use it? 


Best Toy for the Digital Baby

Best Toy for the Digital Baby

My little I is now 14 weeks old. He’s so stinking cute, I can’t stand it. His new thing is playing – which entails grabbing an object and shaking it to death or thinking about sticking it in his mouth.

Introducing the best toy for your digital baby. My poor kid is bound to grow up digitized. I found this toy and my heart skipped a beat.

iPhone 4B (4 baby)

This is a wooden toy iPhone with a laminate screen. The wood is very light weight and smooth. This way the kid can chew all he wants on it and then throw it across the room without hurting someone (well I gues it would be slobbery!).

If you are looking for a cute baby gift for parents that are iPhone fantatics, or if you just want your baby to have all the toys the cool digital kids have – check out the wooden iPhone.

Play Like a Kid

Play Like a Kid

How often do you play like a kid?


“The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him he’s always doing both.” – James A. Michener 

Play Like a Kid

The importance of PLAY slapped me in the face while hearing Kevin Carroll speak at Blissdom. Kevin is an author, speaker and all-around awesome dude. His story is one that will make you cry because of sadness – and then out of happiness.

Life is too short to not enjoy it. Go outside and swing. Buy a hula hoop. Catch bubbles after you blow them. Just play like a kid.

If you ever get the opportunity to hear Kevin Carroll speak live, DO IT. He is inspirational, motivating and will make you rethink how you are living your life.

Until then, you can watch Kevin online:


Check out additional I Heart Faces photos on “PLAY”.

This week at I Heart Faces, the challenge is PLAY.

Top 10 Signs You Spend TOO Much Time on Twitter

Top 10 Signs You Spend TOO Much Time on Twitter

I admit, there are days I spend TOO much time on Twitter. The constant tweets filling my feed with no pause button, it’s addicting. Leave it to the hilarious David Letterman to create a top 10 signs you spend TOO much time on Twitter. Enjoy, these are hilarious (make sure to watch the video!)

David Letterman Top 10 Signs You Spend Too Much Time on Twitter

Top 10 Signs You Spend TOO Much Time on Twitter

10. You miss son’s soccer game waiting for Lady Gaga to post what she had for lunchSpending Too much time on twitter

9. You answer the phone: “Twello?”

8. You’ve spent millions developing iPhone waterproofing technology so you can tweet in the shower.

7. You haven’t touched your CB radio in months.

6. You ask yourself, “What would Jesus tweet?”

5. You sleep-tweet.

4. No number 4 — Writer on Twitter.

3. You stopped paying attention to this list after the first 140 characters.

2. Even Ashton Kutcher thinks you Tweet too much.

1. Walking in on the Landscaper “retweeting” your wife.

PS: In Twitter news – Twitter acquired the iPhone app Tweetie (I HEART TWEETIE!). Tweetie will be renamed to Twitter for iPhone and the price will be dropped from $2.99 to FREE!