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Best Stylus for the iPad

Of all the styluses I’ve tried the best stylus for the iPad would have to be the BoxWave Capacitive Stylus. 3 Things That Make the BoxWave Capacitive Stylus the Best iPad Stylus 1. Stylus Width The grip of it, feels like a pen. 2. Stylus Length The ...Read More

Doodle 4 Google – Contest for Kids

Doodle 4 Google Have your kids get their pencils, crayons, markers or graphic software ready – it’s time for the Doodle for Google contest. Doodle 4 Google deadline – all entries must be received by March 23, 2012 (note entries must be mailed – ...Read More

Social Media Explained

Social Media Explained by Someone Who Pees Twitter: I need to pee Facebook: I peed Foursquare: This is where I pee Quora: Why am I peeing? YouTube: Look at this pee! LinkedIn: I’m good at peeing MySpace: Why did everyone pee and leave? Google+: ...Read More

Google Gives Back

  While we all love to laugh about how much money Google makes and what their stock is valued at – then cry and wish that we worked there. Something that isn’t too publicized is how much Google gives back. At Google, philanthropy is ...Read More

Did I Mention It’s HOT?

  Did I Mention It’s HOT? Dear July, Did I mention it’s HOT? You know that right? Dear September,  I can’t wait to see you. This Texas heat is KILLING ME, I’m pregnant and pregnancy and heat just doesn’t mix. Please no more 100 ...Read More