The New Family Calendar

The New Family Calendar

Wall Calendar

Gone are the days of a calendar that hangs on the wall that lists birthdays and soccer schedules. Meet the new family calendar, and it’s free (sorry no cute puppy pictures included).

Google Calendar

While as much as I praise Google, no I do not work for them nor am I a stock holder (both of which I wouldn’t mind!). Google calendar is another fun free app that makes life easier.

How does it work and why would I want to use this?

Sign into your Google account (if you don’t have one, leave me a comment and I’ll pray for you), if you aren’t already logged in. Create an event and add to your calendar. Here’s a good video demonstration on how to use Google calendar:


And this is special because?

Patience my friend. Here’s the fab thing. You can share this calendar with others and create specific calendars for specific groups. So let’s say you coach a soccer team, create a calendar – create events (which you can make act like a simple evite with an RSVP and invite function) and share with whomever on your team.

My husband and I both have our calendars shared and sync’d to our phones. Now we both are in the know of all of the doctor appointments, birthday parties and family functions on 1 calendar that travels with us and lives in our Google account.

Another fab function is reminders. Google will SMS or email you a reminder (you setup when) of an event.

You now officially have no reason not to forget my birthday (October 28th, thanks!). I kid. (kind of). In all seriousness, this productivity tool has simplified our life. It’s taken an old skool ritual of writing things on calendars and made it into a functional tool that will assist you in your day-to-day both personal and business.